Extra Group: the flight of the hummingbird

Founded in 2006, Extra swiftly emerged as one of the most vibrant and dynamic entities in the Italian ICT sector. Foreseeing the impending digital transformation needs of Italian companies, Extra effectively addressed this demand through strategic collaborations with major international technology providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, and HubSpot.

Today, technology remains the beating heart of Extra — not merely as the focal point of its offerings, but as a crucial enabler across various fields, serving the community.

A Journey of Evolution and Innovation

In 2006, as Web 2.0 was emerging as a new communication paradigm and Open Source promised a true cultural revolution, Extra was founded as a “digital boutique” to meet the technological needs of Italian businesses.

Despite the economic challenges of the time, Extra boldly rode the wave of innovation, earning the respect of numerous companies and quickly establishing itself as one of the most prominent system integrators. Driven by passion and vision, Extra grew to 150 employees, creating specialized entities such as Extra Vision, focused on ERP solutions and partnering with Oracle NetSuite; Extra Magnet (now Tempesta), a HubSpot partner specializing in digital marketing strategies; Extra Red, a Red Hat partner expert in IT Cloud infrastructure, data analysis, and integration; and Extra Cube, which leverages Liferay to offer customer service portals and digital experience platforms.

Each of these entities has left a significant mark on the Italian ICT landscape. Their excellence attracted the attention of national and international giants, leading to the successful acquisitions of Extra Vision and Extra Red by Horsa Group and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, respectively.

Extra Group, today: technology in service of the community

Today, technology remains the driving force of Extra Group, moving beyond the mere offering of products and services to become a primary tool for enhancing collective well-being and promoting local development.

From healthcare protection to environmental enhancement and preservation, technology now represents, for Extra, the means to create, innovate, and provide solutions that make the world a better place.

Building on Extra’s solid foundation, the new companies within the group are fully equipped to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies: blockchain and web3, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence.

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The Companies of Extra Group

Fire and Technology 

Born from the unique intersection of two worlds—fire and technology—this innovative startup promotes the digital transformation of the wood biomass supply chain, aiming to make it more efficient, safe, and truly eco-sustainable. Altrefiamme caters to professional operators such as forestry entrepreneurs, combustion appliance installers, and maintenance technicians, offering innovative solutions that ensure domestic safety. For a cleaner and safer world.

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AI for the Medical Field

AIGEA Medical is a medtech startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence applied to medical imaging. With a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, radiologists, and clinical experts, AIGEA aims to develop methods, processes, and algorithms to support the detection and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

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Nature and culture of Monte Pisano

A farmhouse located halfway between Pisa and Lucca, in the heart of Monte Pisano. Production of EVO oil from Tuscan cultivars on terraces at the edge of the forest. The peaceful stillness of a territory known, since the Middle Ages, as Mons Eremiticus. Hospitality in villas and farmhouses among the olive trees, in Tuscan rustic style.

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Rural construction and earthmoving services

A company specializing in rural construction and earthmoving that also offers consulting services aimed at optimizing land management. It performs restoration and renovation of rural buildings and infrastructure, land modeling, and the execution of excavations and embankments, both in the public and private sectors.

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More than just an olive mill

A hub for community, education, and culture, the olive mill Frantoio del Monte Pisano is not only a facility for producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil, but also a beacon of innovation and tradition. By adopting rigorous quality procedures and state-of-the-art machinery, the mill forms part of a mission to revitalise and enrich the surrounding territory.

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