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We take care of your IT needs so you can focus on your business

It’s been well over a decade that we have helped our customers evolve and adapt to the technological requirements of the current world with a strong focus on IT business support systems. We have seen the IT world evolve first hand and have always kept ourselves up to date by training our people on the technological breakthroughs and investing on international partnerships to satisfy the needs of our clients. This has helped us be ready to add relevant value to the business processes of our clients by implementing the right technological component.

Extra Group | About us

Today our focus is to help our clients in three main levels on business support systems:

  • Customer side systems: Throughout the years we have accumulated sufficient experience working on hundreds of projects to help our clients better support their customers with customer portals, marketing automation and customer relationship management systems.
  • Transformation side systems: We learned that the best IT architecture is one that lets you update it when need be and to reduce time to market of decisions, services and products. Business process management, system integration, microservices, business intelligence and more are all areas in which we have helped our clients transform and evolve. 
  • Enterprise side systems: A healthy company does nothing but to grow overtime and in order to do so needs to streamline its day to day activities that include handling the supply chain, financial management, Human resources and so on. Our IT solutions and support have helped both ourselves and our clients to pave the way for a linear and sustainable growth, scaling their systems when the company itself scales. 

Organizationally four subsidiary companies were born from Extra, each bringing a relevant added value to our clients. Extra Vision that focuses on Enterprise side evolution with their deep understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and their strong partnership with Oracle NetSuite, the leading Cloud ERP solution in the world. Extra Red carries along their strong ties to Red Hat as Advanced Business Partner and helps their clients transform their IT infrastructure, integrating applications and analyzing business data both from various software as well as IOT gateways. Extra Magnet that established itself as Gold Partner of HubSpot and one of HubSpot’s fastest growing partners in Italy, helping its clients automate their marketing and generate more business opportunities from the web. Extra Cube and is specialized in Liferay, offering customer service portals to clients that have already grasped the changing economy and address their customer needs through the web with various fully or semi self service components on the website.

The hummingbird takes flight and flies high

Extra Group started as a one man band in the time of the global economic recession and not only passed the economic hardship with flying colors, it walks the path of prevailing counting over 100 specialists, hundreds of projects and many happy clients. In Extra Group we are dedicated to helping our clients implement the right technological instrument so that they don’t think of IT as a problem but as a means to achieve greatness. We are on the path of growth and we have tied strong bonds with other significant player in the market to take our level of support to a new level. Today Extra Group counts on its partnership and synergies in the industrial world with A.Celli group and in IT with TT-Tecnosistemi and Horsa that together enable us to bring an impeccable level of service to our clients.