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About us

Extra Cube, your partner for Digital Experience

Extra Cube is a unique partner for those IT services that are always more requested for the improvement and the evolution of businesses. Extra Cube, which is part of Extra Group, characterizes itself for its offer that includes the development of Customer Portals, the education and the professional counselling in software development. Our goal is to be considered by our clients not just as simple IT services suppliers, but as qualified, effective and reliable partners. 


Our added value is based on our people (people first!), innovative technologies, wide flexibility and proactivity towards our clients. These distinctive elements combined together, generate in our clients a value that is much more than just a simple technological solution.

The technologies used to provide web and mobile multi platform apps are easy to use and concretely useful.

Our clients can count on a wide choice of competences:

  • Programming languages: Java, PHP, Python, Groovy and Grails
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio
  • Framework, ORM and Libraries: Symfony, Struts, Java Server Faces, Icefaces, Spring, Django, Wavemaker Studio, Hibernate, Vaadin, PrimeFaces, Jquery, GWT, Angular, Prototype, FeedHenry, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Yii2, Adobe LiveCycle
  • Continuous Integration & Quality Assurance: Jenkins, SonarQube, Hudson

Our core values

  • People: they are what makes us special. For this reason we constantly look for competences and/or potentialities, but also the attitude and creativity needed to work in and realize our projects. Our teams include many different profiles, thanks to which we are able to satisfy every kind of need.
  • Innovation: we always look for the most innovative platforms to offer the best solutions and we are the first users of the products we offer our clients, to further guarantee the quality of  our services.
  • Flexibility: the wide variety of profiles with different and articulated competences allows us to provide a flexible service. We are able to identify the most adequate resources for every kind of need and are always at disposal to support our clients from the beginning of our projects and for all the time required, both at our clients' offices and from remote. This way we are able to manage all the requests, even during periods of demand peak.