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Liferay Portal

Enterprise Web Portal


The world’s top Open Source portal

Liferay Enterprise Web Portal and Liferay CMS development

Liferay enterprise web portal is more than a simple website builder. It can be your digital workstation, the company's external interface, or the place where partners and suppliers meet - all accessible anywhere you are, using any device.

Through an enterprise-level portal management platform like Liferay, you can manage custom portals for your customers, employees, and partners. 

Single access point for all digital business interactions

Doing this won’t just strengthen your business identity through these contact points, but will also bring you benefits such as:

  • Making work easier for your employees, through fully integrated intranets and collaborative tools

  • Allowing users to interact with you through any device while maintaining a consistent experience

  • Creating interfaces to connect with your management systems and allowing single access to all the information you need through a web portal which simplifies  access, interaction, and workflows.


Intranet and Application Portal

Create intranet portals that connect users to your systems through modern interfaces that are designed to simplify their activities. Liferay DXP can become the gateway to your ERP, CRM and other platforms


Designed for Mobile

You can build websites and web portals designed to be used primarily for mobile use. As you develop your website and web portal, you can access it on any device, using the preview feature.


Develop Mobile-Native Apps

You can develop mobile applications through various tools included in Liferay. There are also interfaces ready for instant authentication, registration to your systems, and more. Android and iOS apps may also receive push notifications from the platform.


Personalized Portals

Through the interface, functionality and ease of integration provided by the Liferay platform, you can create web portals that offer unparalleled access and navigation experience to different systems.



Web portals are tailored to your needs. You can assign roles or permissions, promote "social collaboration" through message areas, blogs or wikis, leverage document management and content and integrate with third-party products and mobile.


Content Targeting

You can present the right message to your visitors according to their social profile, behavior, and browsing history. You can also see all interactions with your customers.

Closer look at Liferay’s technical advantages

Take a look at Liferay enterprise web portal and Liferay CMS

Liferay allows simplified development of the User Interface (UI). It also provides you with a flexible enterprise-level integration framework and can be installed on public and private clouds and available as SaaS.

Liferay CMS and portal was developed using the most innovative and sophisticated technologies, resulting in a solution that collects the best that can be obtained through Open Source.


Only the best technologies for developing portals

With Liferay, you can benefit from: 

  • Support for different programming languages (Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.)

  • Integration with rules engine with advanced customization through Drools

  • Workflows embedded in your custom portlets through the Liferay workflow APIs

  • Implement security practices recommended by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

  • Highly scalable, capable of managing over 27,000 competing users with an average login time of less than 200ms

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