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About us


A great IT skills bank at your disposal

Extra Gens was born out of Extra's vast experience and the demands of the market.

Within a short time, it focused its attention to important customers that have been able to take advantage of the benefits of what we offer.

In the market, there may be many players that carry out IT consulting services, but rarely are there companies that can offer high professionalism, skills, flexibility and speed in identifying the most suitable resources.

Those that look to Extra Gens know that they can always rely on a trusted partner, capable of delivering high-quality services.

Where we work


Professionals of Extra Gens operate in numerous critical projects with different technologies and in varied sectors:


  • Banking and insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • System integrators
  • Fashion


Our technological skills encompasses methodologies, knowledge of specific domains, programming languages and open source platforms



Have at your disposal a whole bank of specialist consultants with diverse skill sets and experience that can cover your requirements.



Our professionals can be assigned for as long as you need. We can help you ensure trouble-free demand peak times.

People of Extra Gens

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    Life sometimes can lead you to roadblocks and unexpected paths. Job hunting can sometimes feel like a risky sea trip. Building your CV, researching, presenting yourself well... and then eventually there will be places that tell you "you've reached the port of your destination!". When everything is done, it's really nice to be in a place where you look forward to being with your work mates. In Extra, I found a friendly environment - a group of people with whom it was really easy to talk and integrate. Here, I found a group of new friends and had the wonderful feeling that I belong, even from the very beginning"!

    Luca Falanga, Software Developer at Extra Gens

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