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Life In Extra

Bike Adventure Packing List: Iran Awaits!

Leonardo Paolino,

Tehran_Life in Extra

The big day has finally come! At 12 midnight we will be landing in Tehran. From there, its just me, my mountain bike and my friends Marco, Claudio, Gigi and Angelo all to explore the Iran.

As we've mentioned in a couple of our previous posts (part 1, part 2 and part 3), this won't be an ordinary tour on a tour bus. We will be exploring some of the places less travelled and isolated sites within Iran through a mountain bike. It will surely be a great adventure. But no matter how unconventional this trip is, there are still things that won't change - packing a suitcase for one. 

So what do you need for a proper bike adventure? To make it easy, I've made a checklist here today (at the same time it gives me an opportunity not to miss anything). Here's what I'll be bringing:

valigia_Life in Extra_in viaggio per Teheran

1. Clothes and accessories

  • A few lycra (or elastane) vests, lightweight enough for summer but enough to protect against wind
  • 5 summer t-shirts
  • 5 shorts, including 2 sweatshirts, good for autumn
  • Leggings
  • A shoe cover pair, not so much for the rain but for the cold, which we might encounter especially in the mountain trails
  • A pair of hats (one of them with team branding, of course!)
  • An autumn raincoat jacket
  • 3 long technical pants (in Iran, it's a good habit to keep legs covered, at least when you are in front of other people or in town)
  • A pair of hiking boots
  • A pair of mountain biking shoes
  • Neck cover
  • Joberg2c souvenir bag I got from a previous biking trip. To be used for laundry
  • An inflatable pillow for the airplane
  • A raincoat to wear on a bike
  • An anti-wind jacket
  • Three pairs of gloves (2 with long fingers and one with short fingers)
  • A helmet
  • Glasses

2. Biking Equipment

  • Chain washing kit
  • Misc. bike care equipment: saddle cream, duct tape, compressed air tanks, a few keys, an air dispenser, a couple of air tubes
  • Jar to put the technical equipment for carrying bikes
  • Bottle

3. Electronics

  • Earphones
  • Battery chargers
  • A power bank, a portable battery that can be charged via a USB cable from a power source. Once loaded, the power bank is used to provide power to any electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, camcorders. Very useful for this kind of trip!
  • My Garmin
  • My GoPro
  • Universal adapters for power outlets

4. Documents

  • Wallets and passport

5. Others

  • A microfibre bathrobe
  • Shower slippers
  • Energy bars and supplements
  • Socks (in particular, ankle-length ones)
  • Sporty underwear
  • A sleeping bag.

But the most important object, for which otherwise this trip wouldn't have been possible, is our bike. The bike will travel with us and will travelling 4,500 km by plane and that's why packaging is very important.

imballaggio_bici_Life in Extra

So there you have it! I've very excited especially since this will be a unique experience for me. Two years ago, I've travelled 600km by mountain bike through the Moroccan desert. Last year, I did 900km through South Africa (although that trip ended a bit abruptly for me as I fell and fractured my arm in several places. Thankfully, I recovered!). 

Luckily, you can follow us along this journey. Be sure to follow and like our social media pages to keep track of our progress: Extra (Facebook e Twitter) and Life in Extra (Instagram) to be sure you don't miss anything!

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