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Life In Extra

Day 11 - From Adoor to Margoon. May 1st in Iran

Leonardo Paolino,

Iran_Life in Extra_Iran Bike Trip

On Monday morning, we left Adoor in our mountain bikes. Our goal was to get to the village of Margoon. The downhill ride from Adoor led us through great sights once more.

We decided to take a short break in a "primitive" village, built around what was originally a waterway, which was most likely interrupted around 1km away where there was a fish farm. It was actually benefiting from the water so much that it has caused the river to deviate.

As we continued the descent, we were treated to magnificent panoramas, greenery, rich colors, and revealed local water sources. It was a really long dirt road, but not lacking at all in beauty!

Once again on the paved road, the constant ups and downs seemed to never end. Just when we thought it was over, it would be denied every time.

We really pedaled a lot. The view over the plateau was spectacular and we were surrounded by fields of unbelievable scale.

Paesaggi iraniani

After reaching 2500 meters in elevation, we arrived at the village of Margoon. We thought it would be a relief but unfortunately, it was the opposite.

A few places that we planned to sleep in were unusable and hoping for a peaceful and secluded countryside camp beside a small village, we were instead met with an assembly of curious and distracting villagers. The weather also didn't make it any better. That's why we decided to rent a van, load our bikes and head for Sisakht.

The place was cooler and was definitely more pleasant for us to spend the night in. We were also welcomed very warmly:


During our journey on Monday, just as what we have seen in the past bew days, there we're lots of curious children:

iranian children

We'll get back to you soon with a few updates. Be sure to keep in touch with us through our social channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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