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Life In Extra

Day 12 - From Sisakht to Koher, passing through Margoon Falls

Leonardo Paolino,

On the morning of May 2nd, we ascended by bike from Sisakht and climbed up to Mount Dina, which reaches about 5000 meters above sea level and is the highest among the Zagros Mountains (average height is around 3500 mt), up to a pass that separates that region with Isfahan.

In the afternoon, we decided to relax upon reaching the Margoon Falls. We still stuck to our program ... even if it was unexpected! We left in the morning at 10am we left on our mountain bikes and climbed along an asphalt road. It was a sunny day, which made it all easier.

life in extra_iran bike trip_monti Zagros

We had earlier agreed with the guys on the support car that we would meet at the top of the pass, which was about 3200 meters aboove sea level. That way, we could change our shirts and wear something heavier to prepare for the descent.

But there was no trace of the car as we arrived at our destination. Along with Marco and Angelo, we decide to go out and take some photos. We later returned to our gathering place but still, no trace of the car.

We later found out that the car arrived earlier but since they didn't see us, they thought we came down the opposite side, so the driver to go back.


In the meantime, to protect us from the cold winds, we laid down on the asphalt under the sun. Finally, the car arrived and we started to descend, initially along the asphalt, but since we were mountain bikers and there were no roadblocks, we started looking for dirt paths which led us to the village.



We went downhill, after a short lunch break where we headed to the famous and wonderful Margoon Falls. The Margoon Falls may not be impressive with regards to the strength of the water coming down the falls, but because the water has dug through the rocks for years, the water comes down in a unique way and then appears almost magically into a mist.

In fact, the word Margoon itself translates to "snake-like", which refers to how the water moves hidden through the rocks before it finally surfaces. Really beautiful!



After this stop in an beautiful and unique place, we headed to the village of Koher where we were guests of a cozy lodge.

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