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Day 6 - 82 km Through Mt. Zagros. Tiring But Worth It!

Leonardo Paolino,

Wednesday was quite challenging. The route was quite long and it was uphill. We pedaled for 82kms through the Zagros mountain range towards Semirom.


We never even went below 2000mts, and for the majority of it, we were over 2500mts. The highest point we reached was 3022 mts. The most challenging part of the route was pedalling at such a high altitude. The thin air made it more difficult.

Nonetheless, it was a great tour and we were treated to exceptional landscapes. It didn't matter whether we were at low or high altitude. However, the panoramic view at the highest point was breathtaking.


In the second part of our route, clouds started to cover the sky and it started to feel cold. Being in high altitude, as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops more drastically. Eventually, at the end of our route, it began to rain, but luckily we were near our destination.

Both Wednesday and Thursday, we rested in a hotel. After many days in sleeping bags and tents, a nice bed and a warm shower was a welcome thought. Fortuntaly though, we've been accompanied these past few days by Yaghoob's sister Sara who was been great company and has been preparing our breakfast and dinners for us. We're lucky to be benefiting from her great cooking skills!

In the next days we'll give you more details about our trip. Follow us here!

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