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Day 7 - Countryside Cottage and the Continuation of Our Bike Adventure

Leonardo Paolino,

We enjoyed our stop yesterday. After leaving Semiram and biking uphill, we arrived on a great and naturally-splendid plateau. Here, the Qashqai nomads, a group of Turkish speaking people in Iran, will be moving there for two weeks during the summer.

After our descent, we had a small snack and headed out again. As we started out, the sky began to darken. We headed towards our last important climb of the day which brought us around 2500mt to 2600mt. What greeted us were scenes of tall mountains, deep valleys with steep walls with a reddish hue.

After travelling for 80kms, we returned to a village that we during our climb. Just then it started to rain. While it does not necessarily affect us physically, the rain makes the path more difficult with our wheels being bogged down by clay.

When we arrived in the village, it was cold. Luckily we were welcomed by a family belonging to the ethnic Luri people who came mostly from Southeastern Iran and particularly from the city of Lorestan. They offered us lots of tea which helped us keep warm.

We later dined with our host's family featuring Abgoosht (which literally means water and meat). It's a traditional Iranian dish made from lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, tumeric and dry limes. 

We went to bed with our belly full and in the morning we were greeted with this:


All in all, we had a nice stay and a great time owing to the kindness and hospitality of the Iranian family that took us in. I'll be keeping you updated with our next post with more details, pictures and videos!

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