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Day 8: From Ghale Ghadam To Berjui, And Unexpected Guests Of The Luri Clan

Leonardo Paolino,

Finally, after a few days without internet, I've finally been able to post my update. Last Friday, April 28, we left Ghale Ghadam from the local cottage we were staying over from Thursday night. We walked about 5km uphill and then another 10kms downhill before reaching the village through a beautiful trail that afforded us some highland views. 


At the end of the path, we arrived in the small village of Sulughun where we decided to stop for a while. A boy from the village approached us and spoke with Yaghoob where he managed to secure an invitation for us to have tea at his home. Upon meeting the family the invitation for tea became an invitation for a full meal. We had some cheese and bread and spent an hour with them as we relaxed and rested after our hike.

We left after and went through the countryside and found ourselves on a wide highway that made our travel a bit easier owing to the absence of impressive climbs or long descents. 

By the end of the day, we reached Berjui where we planned to sleep for the night. As soon as we reached, we didn't really plan on whether to sleep on a tent or an appartment. Suddenly a local villager came and invited us to sleep at his home. However, while the man was most eager to offer his hospitality, the women of the house didn't feel as welcoming. Therefore, we decided to find another place to sleep.



We headed after for a mosque where we decided to pitch our tents and spend the night. However, another villager approached us who again offered his home for us to stay in.

The house was nice and well-kept. The house belonged to a Lori family and the Lori are famous for being extroverts. Staying with them definitely confirmed that! Even if we didn't speak the same language, we were still able to communicate through gestues and our translator.

Later, we found out that the area around the house was owned by brothers from the same family working as farmers. You can find the two of them here below: 



For dinner, we cooked some pasta soup seasoned with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and onions with Sara's help. We were about a party of 20 since we had the brothers with us and their wives and children. All in all it was a great evening!

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