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Life In Extra

Day 9 and 10: Through Lake Sheivand and the Barz & Schuarz area

Leonardo Paolino,

Saturday, April 29

Last Saturday, we originally planned a day of rest. In fact, we decided we shouldn't ride our bikes at all. But, over the course of the day, the plan changed.

After driving the car for 65km, we stopped at a small village to shop and prepare to eat. After a few kilometres, we arrived on top of a hill where we were greeted with a breathtaking view. Aside from a large number of oak trees scattered, we could also see the Sheivand Lake below.



The great view inspired us to ride our bikes through an easier asphalt road and cross the lake with a ferry. It wasn't all peaceful though as going downhill was hard. It was a steep path but what was really challenging were the narrow turns. One mistep could mean falling down a ravine. The strong wind also made it more challenging.

We crossed the lake, all the while enjoying the magnificent view of green meadows, grazing animals all framed by mountains and valleys covered with trees.

After the lake, we headed towards a small shepherd village of Adoor where we spent the night at the home of some locals. After a tiring day, we were treated to a tasty dinner of rice and vegetables.

Sunday, April 30

For Sunday, we planned a complete relax day to recover. I got up at 6am and took a walk with Sara and Gigi where we met some children walking to their school 4km from the village.

In Adoor, there was only one small elementary school made up of a kind of decomissioned freight container. Every morning, one teacher comes to teach classes. Within the classroom, children of various grades are seated based on what grade level they are with the first grade on the first row, the second grade students on the 2nd row and so on.



We were lucky enough to visit the school with the help of Yaghoob who played the role the translator that day as we were welcomed into the classroom to meet the students and their teacher. 

Later, we walked around with Gigi and Angelo and foraged some food from our surroundings and brought them home to be cooked. We had lunch at 4:30pm and the featured dish was a small goat that was slaughtered that same morning by the village sheperds. It was a much needed day of resting, especially since the next few days will be very challenging.

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