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Recent study: Girls beat boys at programming

Rob Carrillo,


There you go. The statistics have it: women are better at programming than men. In a recent, pre-peer reviewed study titled, 'Gender bias in Open Source: Pull Request Acceptance of Men vs. Women', researchers have found that computer code written by women have higher approval ratings than those written by men.

The study was made on GitHub, an open source program-sharing site and 1.4 million users. You can read more about it in this article. The study is a vote of confidence in women and here is what Extra's own women programmers had to say:


ERP Systems Business Unit Manager Jagoda Saccuci said, "If one reflects about today, we women are just pursuing the same fight we had in the 1900s - the right to vote, right to work. The only difference that now is that we can vote although, not always to work. Now, we are trying to get considered as equals even if in certain situations where we are much better. Women in general are better in seeing the big picture. So within IT, math, physics or engineering subjects, it is much easier for us to manage and analyze projects."

"The results of such a survey are no surprise to me to be honest. I strongly believe that there are double standards. There are men who do not like to be managed by women, there are men that think that women should stay home or have “girly” jobs or study “girly” subjects like languages or teaching (even if they would never say that out loud). If these men have the power to decide, they will choose men over women as with them they can make inappropriate jokes and go have beer," Jagoda said. 


System Administrator Serena Cortopassi also said, “The percentage of women working in my field of systems administration is very low. Often, when I have to work with other male IT professionals from other companies, I feel hesitance from their part on having to deal with a woman. My solution to this has always been to demonstrate that I don't lack competence in the workplace compared to my male collegues”.

“When I applied for my position in Extra, the other candidates were all men. I am happy that the person who chose me (a man, actually) had no prejudices. My point is that I should not feel happy and satisfied for an episode that should be normality,” she ended.

Yesterday, we celebrated the International Women's Day and while we celebrate the advances made towards equality, much more should be done to acknowledge that women have much more to offer than what we men sometimes give them credit for.

So, to end in a lighter note, here are some expert women programmers teaching guys how it's done.



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