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Get to know Extra Magnet

Extra Magnet: we were born to attract and grow better

Extra Magnet was born out of the former marketing business unit in Extra in 2017, with its first formation dating back to 2015. Extra from the beginning believed in innovation and being the frontrunner in adoption and implementation of new and cutting edge technologies. Magnet was not an exception, and in 2016 it sealed a partnership with HubSpot that further formed the DNA of its services, as well as its employees.

A few years of gaining experience by implementing inbound marketing in Extra group brought from a team of 3 people to over a dozen HubSpot certified Inbound Marketers, and once the team was ready we made a breakthrough from being an entry level partner to gold partners in only four months, which statistically is done by only about 5% of HubSpot’s agency partners.

Extra Magnet | About us

For us this is just the beginning of the journey, and as we grow we become even more dedicated to help our clients grow.

On the road to grow more and better!

Starting from 2018 we started growing even more by adding complementary services to our portfolio to better serve our clients and help them grow better. This resulted in branching to the eCommerce marketing market with full-outsourcing services and Influencer Marketing, acquiring the first clients and helping them grow from day one.

We have growth tattooed on our chests, that is why we hire people with ambitions to grow professionally and clients who are dedicated to grow their business. If you too are growth oriented, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!