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Our Story


How Magnet was pulled into existence…

Extra Magnet was originally founded out of the marketing department of the Extra Group after it became a HubSpot Partner in Italy. This was further supported by its increased importance as it became the sole HubSpot integrator in Italy and one of the very few in the EMEA region.



Combining Extra Group's long history and experience in system integration and the team's passion for Inbound Marketing, the group decided to establish Magnet.

We provide now integrated marketing and IT services to an increasingly technology-dependent marketing field.

As a part of the Extra Group, Magnet inherits the group's drive to be a partner for growth.

What sets us apart

Many Inbound Marketing agencies focus on the implementation of the Inbound Marketing Methodology. But we at Magnet distinguish ourselves by extending the capability and power of their marketing tools by integrating their marketing solutions with other business applications.

Our technological gene drives us to excel on marketing projects wherein heavy and complex automation is required within sales and marketing departments and further on the software needs to be connected to a pool of other business software in the business.

Looking towards the future


Our goal is to be among the top marketing technology companies in EMEAMagnet follows its parent company's footsteps by pursuing the technologies and methodologies that are designed for the growth oriented companies. We help companies integrate and automate their marketing processes and extend the capabilities of Hubspot users.


Unique marketing services

We are among the very few system integrator partners of HubSpot in Europe and we offer complementary services to those of HubSpot partner agencies’.


Digital native team

We have a young team of marketers who are always curious on technologies and processes that can improve the digital part of marketing.


Technological support from the group

We are born in a group of companies that each offers a unique IT service that is the backbone of the group and Magnet.

Meet a few of our team members

  • Hossein Moghaddam

    I am a foreigner in Italy, but I have not felt like one here in Extra. What I feel is like we are a big family in one huge room! Here we are all given enough space to innovate and be creative and get the best guidance from managers. This has benefited me a lot since I work in marketing which needs creativity!

    Hossein Moghaddam, Delivery Manager, Extra Magnet

We are looking for digitally native, tech savvy, enthusiastic and ambitious marketers, someone who can add value to extend our capabilities. If you are the one don’t hesitate to apply!

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