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AQER, the Influencer Marketing smarketplace


How does one start an Influencer Marketing campaign? Up until now, the industry standard has been to reach out for a specialized Influencer Marketing agency that acts as an intermediary between brands and influencers, managing the campaign from its very start.

However, with time and cost optimization in mind, this kind of intermediation brings up several disadvantages for companies, that would be able to increase their margin by having a direct relationship with the influencer. AQER platform allows you to do just that.

The Influencer Marketing platform with everything you need for beautiful campaigns

Through one single platform, AQER allows you to select, contact and reward the influencers in a transparent, simple and safe way, using the marketplace coin: the AQERcoin.

Thanks to a simple process that simplifies the relationship between the company and the influencer, AQER is the perfect solution for both parties: companies can take advantage of this innovative marketing lever and content creators can monetize in a simple and safe way.

Contact the best influencers for your industry, without any intermediation

Choose the most engaging influencers

By subscribing to the platform for free you will gain instant access to the entire influencer database, ordered through an evaluation system (the evaluation is given through the contents they post and the industries they have worked with).

Track your campaign's results

The platform has a specific section for the analysis of your campaign’s results: keeping track of the KPIs and assessing the influencer’s work has never been so easy!

Self-financing with the AQERstore

The AQERstore is the marketplace where you can upload your coupons and discount codes for your products or services. Influencers can buy these items with AQERcoin earned through the campaigns.

All the tools AQER can offer you for your Influencer Marketing strategy

Choose Extra Magnet and AQER for your next Influencer Marketing campaign!

Why should you choose Extra Magnet and AQER?

  • Extra Magnet and AQER actively cooperate together and manage Influencer Marketing campaigns, also promoting this marketing practice, one of the most profitable
  • By choosing Extra Magnet you will receive support and consultancy for the campaign’s management, thanks to our experienced team
  • We are a part a bigger ecosystem: Extra Group. A system integrator with over a decade of experience helping customers integrating and extending functionalities with various other software such as ERPs, CRMs, IoT, Cloud, Customer Service Portals and more

Want to learn more about AQER platform? You can simply sign up for free here or contact us for more information!

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