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As a marketer you have already had for sure the nightmare of managing a dozen tools to run your Digital Marketing campaigns. You need a robust CMS, SEO tools, an email marketing platform, a CRM that collects up all the data on your leads, and eventually a dashboard that brings it all together to give you a sense of the ROI.

Well, what if there was a tool that would give you all the above... and more? Let us introduce HubSpot.

All the tools you need to to attract new clients

HubSpot integrates all the marketing tools a marketer would require and goes even further, offering many instruments to streamline and automate Customer Service and Sales. This is how you can rotate your business flywheel and enforce all these three departments to guarantee a long-term sustainable business growth.

With HubSpot you can establish your ideal customer profile, launch your content campaign on your website and social media, attract and convert highly qualified leads, follow them up and generate a healthy sales pipeline, manage customer issues and create more opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling for your clients.

HubSpot suites: Marketing, Sales and Service Hub

Marketing Hub

A complete suite of tools ranging from CMS, SEO, Asset Manager, Email and social media marketing with advanced and customizable analytics. Not enough? Don’t worry, HubSpot comes integrated with over 200 world-recognized softwares to help you with a hassle-free marketing.

Sales Hub

This module is loved by Sales Teams. It reduces data entry to its minimum, comes integrated with your email client so you don’t need to leave your inbox, and enables you to automate your sales pipeline and focus on selling more, than on managing the software.

Service Hub

A happy customer is your brand's best promoter! Service Hub strengthens your listening abilities so that you can respond to customer needs and tickets via phone, email or chat, and can run surveys to evaluate how you are doing from your client's view point.

HubSpot features and functionalities for your Inbound Marketing strategy

Why is Extra Magnet your highway to HubSpot?

Extra Magnet HubSpot

Why we suggest you to work with Extra Magnet to launch you Inbound Marketing campaign?

  1. We are HubSpot Gold Partners and have several years of experience on implementing Inbound Marketing methodology for our clients
  2. We share with you our pool of skills and our certified Inbound Marketers who extend your internal marketing capabilities to go even further
  3. We are a part a bigger ecosystem: Extra Group. A system integrator with over a decade of experience helping customers integrate HubSpot in your IT architecture and extend its functionalities with various other software such as ERPs, CRMs, IOT, Cloud, Customer Service Portals and more

Want to know more about HubSpot’s pricing, feature and requirements? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you, for free!

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