We help eCommerces sell more and better

Selling products on an eCommerce store has become fundamental in the B2C businesses, and the more businesses fully or partially adopt this approach, the more competition is created. The key to success is to design actionable strategies, choose the right technologies and implement the most effective techniques that will make your business unique.

Our agency helps clients find their right niche, reach more customers and drive more revenue to their business.

Full or partial outsourcing of eCommerce management

Extra Magnet Services | eCommerce outsourcing

We help you optimize your store to generate more sales from your current visitors

Each online store, like a physical one, drives a certain amount of visibility and engages an existing customer base. Our team will help you optimize the product listings, promos and collections to help land visitors to a happy purchase experience.

More sales sometimes doesn’t mean more customers and visitors, but it might mean reaching out in the right time and the right place to your existing network. Therefore, our team helps clients with:

  • Updating the product listings, descriptions and their variations on the eCommerce platform, to help your customer make an informed decision
  • Driving more visibility to your promotions and to correlated products and collections, to help your customers benefit from a wider range of offerings
  • Automate the outreach via email to your existing customer base, to inform them on new products, promotions and collections
Extra Magnet Services | eCommerce Outsourcing

We help you generate new business by reaching to your market niche through advertising

Search engines such as Google, and social networks like Facebook and Instagram offer a huge advantage to eCommerce-based businesses to make their products more visible to people in their target. That is why we work closely with our client's internal team, to identify the best ways to reach the potential audience through these channels.

We help our clients run product promotional and branding campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, to help generate more sales and reach a wider audience as close as possible to their existing or ideal customer base.

Digital Advertising is not just an art of designing the right visual promotions anymore: it has become a science of parametrizing and configuring the Ads platforms to yield better return on every dollar spent, and our team is trained and experience to do just that.

Extra Magnet Services | eCommerce Outsourcing
Extra Magnet Services | eCommerce Outsourcing

We help you aggregate and understand the KPIs and keep optimizing them

Numbers speak louder than words, and embracing that we continuously report the progress of everything we do the clients and help them weigh the eCommerce KPIs against their business objectives. Every single promo added to the website or every single Ad click means something and helps us steer the wheel in the right direction.

We help our clients define their future eCommerce strategies based on the analysis done on the historic data and keep an eye on the performance on the online store. In short, we interviene by:

  • Reporting the status of sales and performance on a weekly or monthly basis, and help interpret the numbers
  • Analyzing the performance of the online store and email marketing campaigns, suggest improvements and implement them and analyze them again and repeat this cycle
  • Defining Digital Advertising strategies, and once implemented analyze their progress to better understand how the audience interacts with the ads and optimize them on a daily basis to ensure the most reasonable cost per click
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