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We help you grow with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a holistic approach to marketing based on real data, that helps you reach your audience exactly when they're looking for your product or service. Through an Inbound Marketing strategy we help our clients grow ther visibility online and generate more leads from their website, drastically impacting the possibilities of converting those leads in satisfied clients.

Gain the momentum of growth with the Inbound Marketing flywheel

Inbound Marketing Attract

We help you attract new customers

The first task is to define the profile of your best fit customers, or the Buyer Persona, that will be the guiding factor and will help aligning Marketing and Sales teams to laser-focus on the objectives. We help you reach out to your Buyer Persona with content that resonates with their goals and challenges, bring back your existing audience to your website and automate your manual Digital Marketing tasks. In short, we help you with:

  • Definition of the Buyer Persona profiles
  • Content production and SEO with the help of our network of expert journalists and industry expert copywriters
  • Marketing automation and segmented email marketing
  • Social media outreach to profiles that are very similar to your buyer persona profiles
Inbound Marketing Engage

We engage your Buyer Persona with useful content

We help you convert your website visitors into leads that are more likely to become your customers. This is done by offering premium content or online tools and gadgets that are proven to be the best Lead Generation mechanisms. Each lead that is generated will be compared against a matrix of best-fit characteristics and will be qualified mathematically to help the Sales team prioritize who to reach out to first.

This cycle gets optimized throughout the process to ensure best long term results. In short, we will help with:

  • Creating a lead generation funnel and continuously optimizing to increase the number and the quality of the leads
  • Implementing Lead scoring to help both sales and marketing teams prioritize their actions for the best fit leads
  • Implementing various elements that will provide more possibilities for conversion such as CTAs (Call to action) pop up forms, live chat and chatbot
Inbound Marketing Engage
Inbound Marketing Delight

A happy customer is your best marketing asset: delight him!

Research shows that potential customers trust your existing customers more that your Sales and Marketing teams. This is not a threat to these two teams, but an opportunity to leverage on.

We help you build up a Customer Service process that anticipates the issues your customers might have to keep them always satisfied, run surveys and evaluate their satisfaction and help you put in place a ticketing system that will handle customer issues seamlessly. What we help you build includes:

  • A Knowledge Base filled with content that anticipates your customer questions and a chatbot that guides them to the right answer
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to ensure the quality of the customer support provided
  • An automated Ticketing System that guarantees no customer issue is left unresolved
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