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Inbound Marketing Project

Inbound Marketing Project

What is Inbound Marketing Project?

Inbound marketing project is includes a plan of action during which we map the needs of the clients in terms of visits and leads to actionable strategies of communication. In simple words we define the target audience for our clients, create a content editorial plan for the website and social media and implement instruments using which they can run and monitor their digital marketing activities. 

How long does it take to implement Inbound marketing? 

Time needed to implement Inbound Marketing Project


In order for inbound marketing to work we work with our clients to establish the building blocks of their communication strategy. Once the right content is shared in the right place with the right audience, we could reap the results. The implementation of the strategy and the instruments to run inbound marketing usually takes between 1 to 3 months and six to nine months in we could, together with our clients approximate the results and plan for fully measurable actions. 

Inbound Marketing campaigns rely on the content of the website gaining authority overtime, with correct settings and enough back links these pieces of content remain as a lead generation engine on the websites and with no further investment our clients can continue on generating new business opportunities. 

What do I need to start? 

Starting an Inbound Marketing Project


To start with Inbound Marketing you need 3 elements

  • A platform that is capable of running inbound projects, such as HubSpot
  • An agency that support you on on boarding and implementation and application of best practices. 
  • A reference person or a team of internal resources who either learn throughout the project how to run the campaigns or to help the agency run it for them.

It goes without saying that before these practical requirements a correct mindset is required. You need to be prepared to build up the foundations and put in place the supporting figures who would guide your leads in the process of buying.  

Below you can see what components you could expect in an inbound marketing project.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad term that refers to activities of creating content for digital marketing. These content could be in form of Blogs, e-mail copies, eBooks and even topic clusters.



Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management takes into account definition and implementation of a social media editorial plan that helps share the published content on the website to the right audience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation services help companies automate the mechanical processes of digital marketing such as follow up emails, conditional actions, contact database segmentation, lead scoring etc. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been and still is a great tools to reach out to potentially interested audience and provide them with further information and content to help them in their purchasing decision making process.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation means putting in place a path (marketing funnel), through which, unknown visitors can convert to business leads. This process should be implemented and optimized regularly for better ROI.

Analysis and Reporting

Nothing goes unnoticed. Any and every digital marketing actions has to be measured and improved over time. Through this process we can guarantee better future decision and better campaign results.

Here is why Inbound Marketing is the top choice and also how it could be implemented

How Should I analyze the results of the inbound project?

Digital marketing activities are all measurable, though not every KPI is crucial in strategic decision makings. There are however 3 fundamental metrics that helps us clearly understand and analyze the progress. The first number is the number of monthly visits on the website the more visits a website gets the more chances it will have to generate more leads and to rank higher in the search results. The second is the number of lead generated per month and the conversion rate from visits to leads. The more we could improve this number the higher chances we have to win more customers. The last is the conversion rate from leads to customer. In most businesses this is a sales metric rather than a marketing one, but both sales and marketing teams working can help to improve the number and get better results in the end. 

Inbound Marketing Project Results


How do I improve my ROI? 

The marketing ROI could be defined as the number o leads that are generated for a certain amount of marketing investment. In order to improve the ROI the are 2 main areas that we could touch. Increasing the number of monthly visits to the website, or optimize the conversion on the website to generate more leads with the current traffic. 

These numbers could be improved using various method, such as Optimizing the pages for search engines, improving social media outreach, optimizing the landing pages and the content that is offered for lead generation etc.

What do statistics say about Inbound Marketing ROI?

Inbound Marketing Project Statistics


Companies who opt in for inbound marketing could never leave it, since nothing is sweeter than planting a tree that will always blossom in and produce fruit. In 2017, an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI of using HubSpot's marketing, sales, and CRM software. Highlights include:

  • 3.30x more visitors per month within one year
  • 3.50x more leads per month within one year
  • 79% of customers saw an increase in sales revenue within one year

This research also shows that 2 years in using Inbound Marketing and in particular using HubSpot for it, customers get up to 7 times more leads per month. 

What we offer falls into these three service packages


  • Buyer Persona Development: Developing the profile of the target audience
  • Keyword and Topic Strategy: Defining the digital communication plan
  • On Page SEO: Optimizing pages for better search positioning
  • Conversion Path Building: Creating the marketing funnel to convert visitors to leads.
  • Email Marketing: Sending marketing emails to the contacts database
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  • Everything mentioned in the Compass Plan
  • Blogging: writing content for the company blog
  • Campaign Management: Managing and monitoring the Inbound campaigns 
  • Content Creation: Creating content to be offered to the visitors to help them convert to leads
  • Lead Nurturing: Putting in place the process of nurturing the leads and qualifying them for sales
  • Marketing Automation: Automating the mechanical marketing tasks
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  • Everything mentioned in the Magnet Plan
  • Social Media Publishing: Managing post publications on social media pages
  • Social Ads Management: Managing advertisement on social media
  • Social Listening: Monitoring conversations on social media to understand the conversations trends in the argument of interest.
  • Website Development: Designing and implementation of the company website
  • Graphical Content Creation: Creating graphical assets such as logos, templates, images, videos etc. 
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