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We help you reach new customers with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is based on the most famous and ancient marketing techniques: word of mouth. Your existing and potential customers are more likely to listen to an acquaintance’s feedback on your product, than to one thousand of paid advertising campaigns.

This is why we offer you with a fully-managed Influencer Marketing service and support you in finding the right influencer for your company and in creating successful Influencer Marketing campaigns that will help you reach new niche markets.

There are no intermediaries: you will be able to run your campaign on AQER, an Influencer Marketing platform that assures transparency in the measurement of the KPI and in the management of the payments to the influencers.

Reach new market niches through the voice of Influencers

Influencer Marketing

We help you find the most creative influencer and give visibility to your brand

Finding the right influencer is the key to an Influencer Marketing campaign’s success, because through the influencer’s loyal audience your product or service will be able to reach new customers.

We start by identifying the right influencer category that suits your brand’s products and services. Then we evaluate the influencer’s target demographic in order to be aligned your business objectives. Our reference Influencer Marketing platform will allow you to select the best influencers with the highest engagement rates thanks to an evaluation system based on the relationship between number of followers, number of likes and comments.

Our service includes:

  • Identification of the right influencer category
  • Analysis of the influencer’s demographic
  • Selection of the influencer on the basis of the engagement rate
Influencer Marketing

We support you during the creation, the management and the analysis of your campaign

After finding the perfect influencer for your campaign, we will support you in the creation of the campaign itself, from the influence brief to the measurement of the results.

Unlike other platforms, AQER’s main feature is the transparency and traceability of the results, which are measured through KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are established at the beginning of the campaign. This way, you will only pay for the desired results.

This is what we can offer you:

  • Campaign strategy and objectives definition
  • Campaign brief drafting
  • Campaign activation
  • Analysis and optimization
Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing | Paying the influencer equals a headache? We will simplify the process (and let you save money!)

Paying the influencer equals a headache? We will simplify the process (and let you save money!)

Our fully-managed service includes the management of the influencer’s budget.

The payment is based on the campaign’s results: you can pay them with AQERcoins, that can be either monetized or used on the AQERshop, a dedicated space where you can upload vouchers, discounts codes and coupons that Influencer can buy with AQERcoins.

You will then be able to self-finance your Influencer Marketing campaigns, saving money on the Influencers and increase the profit margin.

This is how we simplify the payment cycle:

  • We analyze the influencers results based on your previously-established KPI
  • We support you in the purchase of the AQERcoins
  • We help you create and upload coupons and discount codes
  • We give you the possibility to self-finance your campaigns and maximizing profits
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