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3 HubSpot Success Stories In The IT Sector

Dario Di Pietrantonio,

HubSpot Success stories in the IT sector

When adopting a new software, one of the most useful evaluation steps is to see testimonials from other companies in your same industry and as well as from others whom have benefited from using them.

A part of why it's done it is to gain a bit of peace of mind, while one part of it is for due diligence. The other part is to understand better the potential of what you can do with the software. And all of this is vital.

Over 20,000 companies around the world use HubSpot. Out of these, 322 have shared their successful experience with HubSpot on the software's website and can be accessed by any web user.

Of course, we can't expect you to read all 322 cases. Time is money, after all! This is why, I have personally chosen three Hubspot success stories in the IT sector. After this, if you have some time to kill, then you can find all the other cases in the Case Studies section of where, through filters, you can easily find a company similar to yours.

You can also check out our own personal experience using HubSpot and the results we got after using it for almost a year: 4x More Online Leads After Website Overhaul With HubSpot.


"As a small start up, with limited resources in terms of time and money, inbound made sense." Ed Gotham, Head of Demand Generation

HubSpot success stories in the IT sector | Ometria

Ometria is a marketing and predictive analysis platform developed specifically for retailers. It's a start-up founded in London in 2013, whose primary goal is to offer online retailers a smart solution that enables them to increase customer value over time and increase profits.

Since they've only been active for four years, the team had limited resources. Nonetheles, they compensate with their strong ambition to grow as fast as possible.

Ed Gotham, Head of Demand Generation, began looking for information about the cost to go into the market and how much investment they need to generate good quality leads. Online research led him to the HubSpot blog where he came into contact with the inbound marketing world.

He evaluated several marketing automation vendors, including Marketo, and has chosen HubSpot because it has the most relevant features for inbound marketing. He also didn't like Marketo's design. In the end, HubSpot was the only logical choice. "

Ometria chose to become a HubSpot partner so that it can benefit from everything the best integrated Inbound Marketing platform in the world can offer.

Their choice was a good one as Hubspot has helped Ometria accelerate business growth far beyond their expectations. The result, in the first year of use, was a 60% increase in profits, a 558% increase in leads, and a 368% increase in website traffic - double to triple digit growth in the span of a year!

2. Datanyze

"HubSpot helps us identify where our leads are coming from and which messaging is getting their attention in ways we never could before." Sam Laber, Director of Marketing

HubSpot Success stories in the IT sector | Datanyze

Datanyze offers an innovative sales platform to help companies discover, research, and reach the right prospects at the right time. This platform procures the most qualified leads, populates accurate information on them in the database, and boosts overall sales results of companies of various sizes, from startups to multinationals.

Datanyze initially used a number of separate systems to manage their business. The systems were not integrated, with the result that the marketing team spent too much time on manual processes and had limited ways to exploit emerging reporting data.

"None of the solutions we were using offered us much transparency, ease of use and understanding of information, and were not integrated with each other," said Sam Laber, Datanyze Marketing Director. "We wanted a way to consolidate our core marketing activities in one place and automate the most time-consuming tasks so you can be more efficient and productive."

Datanyze then turned to HubSpot to optimize its marketing activities and to have a better understanding of customers. Sam Laber said that using HubSpot has definitely improved their ability to attract the right leads and convert them with a higher conversion rate." Over the past six months, we've increased our organic traffic by 135%, leads produced by five times, and we've reached a lead conversion rate of 23% to customers. It was an amazing experience that put us on an unprecedented growth path."

3. GlobalWebIndex

"No-one else had this content, this data, this quality. I knew that if we engaged the right software, we could do inbound marketing in a really powerful way." Ali Little, Product and Marketing Director

HubSpot Success stories in the IT sector | GLobalWebIndex

GlobalWebIndex is a market research firm that manages the world's largest digital consumer data collection service. It offers a detailed and rich profiling of internet users in 34 countries representing 90% of the internet audience to all connected platforms. Based in London, its customer list includes some of the most interesting marketing and media organizations around the world, including Twitter, Google and Microsoft.

Before joining HubSpot, the company used tools such as MailChimp, Hootsuite, and WordPress for its digital marketing activities but all of these separate packages did not offer the right level of automation and customization they needed.

Ali Little, GlobalWebIndex Marketing and Product Manager, said that at that time, the company's marketing policy was incomplete. "We had an internal media manager on Twitter and Google+ and a PR person met the industry press, but nothing more. As for lead generation, there wasn't a structured approach, there was no strategy, we were not doing anything significant in that field."

He also said that before choosing HubSpot as a marketing platform, they evaluated several products, including Marketo. Ali, however, was impressed by the sales process and Hubspot's potential for development. He argues, "HubSpot seemed much easier to use and I felt confident about its exciting features. The sales process was also a big plus, much better than any other B2B service I've ever bought."

In summary, the company wanted to exploit the power of its outstanding inbound marketing data set and turned to HubSpot with the aim of generating and cultivating large-scale contacts. Following the partnership with HubSpot two years ago, GlobalWebIndex has achieved impressive results: not only have they tripled the number of contacts but they have also tripled the website traffic. Aside from that they achieved a decisive increase in market visibility, exceeded 3.5 million views on Google+ and doubled the referral traffic.

It won't be too bad to see the same results in your company, right? ;)

Without a doubt, inbound definitely needs a lot of work, however it also brings great results! Find out what HubSpot can do for you in a free custom demo. Click the button below:

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