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5 Digital marketing tactics inspired by Game of Thrones

Hossein Moghaddam,

game-of-thonres-tyrion-lannister-i-drink-and-i-know-things | Digital Marketing tacticsWhen I think of battle strategies I picture Tyrion Lannister defeating Stannis Baratheon's Army in the battle of Blackwater, with a smart tactic: driving the enemy ships towards the harbor and then blowing them up with wildfire. Well, Tyrion was a clever fellow and here there are 3 quick lessons every marketer can learn:

  • Be pro-active
  • Know your competition
  • Be in the right place in the right time.

Now let's talk business:

If you are following a blue ocean strategy and you have entered the untouched territory of the market then you are in luck. Not that you don't need to market, just that you don't need to compete a lot! But if you are, like many other businesses, competing in the red ocean market, then you need to put in place a winner marketing strategy to help you get successful.

Here are 5 digital marketing tactics inspired by Game of Thrones you can apply to your marketing strategy that can put you ahead of your competition:

1. Hold your fortress: Have a killer website

Website is your Digital Marketing fortress | Digital Marketing tactics

Your website is the center of your digital marketing ecosystem. In other words, it is your base camp or your fortress. As you regularly need to strengthen your fort, you need to improve your website.

What is more common among businesses these days is to hire a digital agency to build up their website and leave it there to rot for a long time, until you notice leaks and ask your old digital agency or a new one to build you a new website. But smart marketers are always reviewing their website and optimizing it. Here are 4 points you need to consider while working on your website:

  • Offer a pleasant user experience
  • Opt-in for SSL certificate and secure your website
  • Make your website mobile friendly either by responsive design or adaptive design
  • Be pro-active and optimize your website for Amplified Mobile Performance (AMP)

2. Employ soldiers: Blog [internal note for translator: Blog is a verb here]

Blogging for digital marketing is like hiring soldiers for battle | Digital Marketing tactics


The more content you create around your offerings and the more you educate your visitors the more traffic you get and the more space you occupy on the web. Search engines index your pages by keywords and topics and the more quality content you share with your audience the more chance you will have to win the attention of the surfers and the more chance yo have to win the marketing battle.

The best approach is to set out a few main topics you want to focus on, create a series of sub-topics around them and create content with the right keywords to dominate the search results on that argument. Simply put, hire more foot soldier to have the upper hand in the battle.

3. Train your soldiers for battle: SEO proof your content

SEO is like battle weapon in Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing tactics

Soldiers are not born, they are made! So optimize your blogs and content for SEO to appear on top in one-to-one battles. Your soldiers need to know how to fight, so write content relevant to the pain points of your target audience. Soldiers need to have the right tools to fight, so set out a catchy title, add convincing meta-description and set the right URL. And finally soldiers need to know how to use their weapon, so optimize your content for SEO by applying the right SEO settings.

4. Blow the battle horns: Use social media to spread the word

Social media sharing is like blowing the dragon horn | Digital Marketing tactics

You can't quietly go to war, so spread the word, blow the battle horns and let more and more people know of your propose. Social media is turning to be an essential aspect of Digital Marketing. It helps you reach people and spread your content. You need to put the right social media strategy in place to achieve this though! So you might use drums or dragon horns or whistles or gun fire, like you might use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to let more people know your are there.

5. Fight and win the battle: Generate leads

Win the battles by winning leads with Digital Marketing tactics

Finally winning the digital marketing battle means winning more leads with your effort, which means converting stranger visitors of your content to known contacts. So you can then analyze your army, evaluate your competition and offer the best to your to your leads to keep them loyal to you, like you would do once you won the battle and entered the new territory.

But the first step you need to take is to understand where you are standing and how your competition is doing. So get the marketing score sheet template found in our Inbound Marketing Team Starter Pack. We made a free Inbound Marketing Team Starter Pack which contains basic and advanced inbound marketing ebooks, guides, reports and templates; basically hundreds of dollars worth consulting value, all for you. Download now!

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