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Guide To Hiring A HubSpot Developer and Integrator

Dario Di Pietrantonio,

Guide To Hiring A HubSpot Developer

HubSpot Growth Stack, which comprises HubSpot CRM Free, HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales platforms, isn't all just about inbound. They're also brilliant pieces of tech.

This is why if you want to take full advantage of your platforms and you're a non-technologically oriented HubSpot user or partner, then you'll certainly need a HubSpot developer to handle your HubSpot's technical side. But first, what are HubSpot developers?

HubSpot Developers: Who Are They?

HubSpot Developers are mostly concerned with the technical or IT side of HubSpot. Note though that HubSpot developers can refer to anyone that can work with HubSpot's programming language. Although the most common need for them is for integrating HubSpot with other applications, tools or software, there are also HubSpot developers that concentrate on developing HubSpot modules, websites and templates (although some of them are also refered to as HubSpot Designers).

For now, this blog will concentrate on HubSpot integration developers (To get a deeper understanding of HubSpot integration, download our FREE ebook: HubSpot Integrations: Advanced Marketing Automation!)

Integration can be as simple as activating an existing integration between the two or as complicated as interconnecting HubSpot with an entire ecosystem of software for a large enterprise. You can read more about the fascinating and different kinds of HubSpot integrations in this blog.

HubSpot itself has partner agencies that, instead of concentrating on inbound marketing, focus on integrating HubSpot and developing the platform's interoperability with other software and they're called HubSpot Integration Partners or HubSpot integrators, such as Extra Magnet. Within them are several HubSpot developers.

However, note that not all HubSpot integration partners are made the same. They vary in skill level. Majority of them can develop point-to-point integrations as those are easier to create.

However, only few of them are system integrators that specialize in complex HubSpot integrations that require connecting multiple software and run processes that require multiple steps across different software. Think about having the data for a specific contact across your CRM, ERP and HubSpot and having all of them synchronized with each other.

Can't We Just DIY It?

DIY Hubspot Integration can be difficult

There are quite a lot of HubSpot integrations that are mostly plug-and-play and for these kinds, any competent HubSpot user can usually activate this integration without any help from HubSpot developers or integrators. 

However, the problem comes when there aren't any of these ready-made integrations. This will most likely arise where you have HubSpot and you have another platform but there are no available integrations at the moment. This means you'll need a custom integration, and for that you need special integrations skills. You can learn more about custom HubSpot integrations in our HubSpot APIs blog.

Finding HubSpot Developers or HubSpot Integrators

HubSpot integration partners and developers are far fewer than HubSpot Agency Partners, but there are a few easy ways you can find them.

Partner directory

The first is through the HubSpot Partner Directory. What's great about this directory is that its easy to use and you can filter out developers and integrators by location, rating, tier level and more. You can access it quickly and you can pretty much start your search here. However, the main drawback is that it isn't a complete list of partners.

You see, those who get to be listed in the partner directory are only those who reach the Silver Tier status. To reach this status, the agency should have sold at least a few HubSpot subscriptions. For most kinds of partners, this works since if they're concentrated on marketing, then they will most likely recommend HubSpot to their customers. But for integration partners whose main customers ALREADY have HubSpot, their focus will not be in selling subscriptions and so, they're less likely to have a silver tier status.

Ask HubSpot

The second way is for HubSpot partners and less for customers. HubSpot partners usually have some kind of partner manager who also handle other partners within their territory.

They're usually great knowledge banks on which partner does what well and what are their skills. You can ask your HubSpot partner manager to point you to the right integration partners around you. It's likely too that if you'll need complex integrations which are done by only a select few HubSpot integration partners, then you'll have to broaden your area to your entire region such as EMEA or APAC for example. 

Google It

Lastly, you have good old Google. You can use diverse keywords to come up with the best results such as "hubspot integration partner", "hubspot integrator", "hubspot developer". You can combine them with country names and even search broader terms such as "hubspot integration" or "custom integrations for hubspot" and check out the companies blogging about similar topics. If they write about it, it's highly likely they do integrations. 

What To Look For In A HubSpot Developer and Integrator

What To Look For In A HubSpot Developer and Integrator

Here are a few pointers on how to partner up with the right HubSpot technology partner:

  • Make sure they're a HubSpot partner
  • They're HubSpot users themselves. Means they're familiar with how the platform works
  • Experience in integrating with the kind of software that you want to integrate
  • If you're looking to integrate multiple software, look for integrators with experience in middleware
  • Certified system integrators


Hiring a HubSpot developer is more difficult than HubSpot Agency Partners that concentrate on marketing activities. Because of the specialized knowledge, you'll need to dig a little deeper to find the right partner.

And even if you've found a number of HubSpot integrators, you'll need to make sure that they have the right integration skills as required by the level of integration complexity that you need. To get a deeper understanding of HubSpot integration, download our FREE ebook: HubSpot Integrations: Advanced Marketing Automation!

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