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HubSpot Marketing Automation Spellbook: If Harry Potter was a marketer!

Hossein Moghaddam,

Harry Potter wand HubSpot Marketing Automation.gif

I don't want to brag about my profession, but I would say in Marketing is where the magic happens for a brand! Speaking of magic, those of you who are Harry Potter fans (like me!) remember well that It wasn't only the magic wand that made the wizard able to wield magical power but there were spells and recipes that came with it. By learning great spells normal wizards were able to do astonishing things!

What is my point you say?

HubSpot is the leading Inbound marketing platform and its methodology adaptation and usage of the software is growing day by day. After a good period of using HubSpot I dare to say it is the magic wand of today's marketers. So, like our beloved Harry Potter, in order to wield its power to our will we need to learn the spells.

Marketing Automation is among the fields in which HubSpot stands tall and here are 4 major spells you can cast to see the magic in your marketing ROI:

1. Lead Nurturing workflows: External communication

Once you generated a lead from your website or your blog it is not the end of what you have to do! You can't just start bombarding them with sales offers. Depending on where the lead is in the buyer's journey you might need to nurture them by offering them more content that they like to consume and to try to understand more about their challenges and pain points.

Using HubSpot workflows you can enroll contact based on their activities on your website or by their contact properties:

Workflows step 1_ Marketing Automation.gif

Then you can apply a delay of a few hour to a few days and then send them an email that could drive them through the buyer's journey. You can in the finish the workflow here or you can even decide to make it more sophisticated. For example, you can enroll the contacts who finish the workflow to another workflow for more nurturing or to add more steps to the current workflow. For instance, you can check if the contact has opened the email and based on that perform the next action. Then you can add action in case the condition was fulfilled or no:

Workflows condition 2 marketing automation.png

You can create workflows with crazy levels of conditions and actions but it would be easier if you have each branch as a separate workflow so that modifying bits as pieces and basically maintaining the workflow becomes easier.

2. Internal workflows: Task assignments, lead rotating and many more

I have encountered many companies that based on activities of the lead they need to take some internal action. This action could be as simple as assigning the lead to a salesperson or to notify your supplier, distributor, or re-seller to take a specific action.

For instance, if you are a tour operator and you sell through third party travel agencies, you can send the lead information to the travel agency in the lead's geographical region. Or if you generate 30 leads a month and you have 4 sales people you can rotate the lead and distribute them equally between your sales people. In other case, once your lead reaches a certain maturity you can send an internal notification to your sales person to take a specific action.

Workflows internal actions_ Marketing Automation.gif

3. CRM data update workflows

Updating contact information in your CRM is critical for your sales and marketing activities, you wouldn't want to keep wrong contact details in your CRM. HubSpot workflows comes with already created workflows and one of them serves for exactly this purpose. In this example if your contact doesn't have a company name, the workflow assigns "your company" as the value, so when later you personalized your communication with them you can refer to their company as "your company".

data clean up workflow.pngYou would also need to update the contact information and to add, delete, or modify contact properties. One example is to identify the person as a certain buyer persona:
Set Contact Property workflow_ marketing automation.gif

4. Workflows to trigger External application

Like every magic wand in the wizardry world of harry potter some spells either need to be cast together or mixed with a potion or something similar (you get my point!). So, you might have the need to activate a third-party application once your contacts take certain action. For instance, you can trigger an action via the your mobile app to push a notification. To do that you need to trigger a web-hook. However, given the delicacy of these kind of spell we recommend to contact an expert wizard and ask for advice. Our System Integration specialists would be happy to help you in this case.

Trigger a web hook Marketing Automation.gif

Now that you know the basic spells from HubSpot Workflows spell book you can go ahead and create your very own workflow and cast your spell. But, to help you along, we made a free Inbound Marketing Team Starter Pack which contains basic and advanced inbound marketing ebooks, guides, reports and templates; basically hundreds of dollars worth consulting value, all for you. Download now!

Inbound Marketing Team Starter Pack

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