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Marketing Automation: What would Don Draper do in 2017?

Hossein Moghaddam,

Don Draper | Marketing Automation in 2016

Marketing has undergone a huge plastic surgery in the recent years. MBA graduates would know marketing as the knowledge of researching the market and segmenting the target, and pushing the offers towards them via design of marketing mix and advertising. This story take me back to 1960s Mad Men (don't get me wrong, the series is pretty recent but the story is an oldie)

Now people search more than anything to purchase, and given the fact that every day over 3.5 billion searches are carried out on google alone, it seems more logical, feasible, easier, efficient and more convenient to appear as a search result on the search engines than invest huge amounts of money on interrupting ads placed where the audience doesn't want to see.

Now let's take a step further, imagine 100 of of these 3.5 billion searches lands on your website. Do you have enough people to assign 100 calls or requests to?! most probably not. Don't worry! Technology has found a solution for it. It is called marketing automation.

With the current technology you just need to worry about the content you share and automate the rest of the process. Let me tell you the story of Donald Draper and his assistant Peggy Olson in 2017:

Don Draper | Marketing Automation

Don Draper decides that their company needs more leads to get more customers eventually. So he asks Peggy to start an online campaign where she talks about the importance of correct message in advertising. Peggy writes a series of blog posts about challenges, and common mistakes that happen in advertising and ties them to a landing page where they offer an eBook on how to correctly sort out your ad message.

To download the eBook the visitors need to provide their contact information. Peggy uses HubSpot marketing automation that helps her run the whole process from writing the blog all the way up to publishing and automating the following workflow. Basically she writes blog posts and optimizes them for search engines (SEO), then she schedules the blog to be shared on social media, adds a call to action to the blog that will take the visitor to a landing page where they offer the eBook. Once the visitor provides the contact information they will be taken to another page that thanks them for submitting the form and lets them download the eBook. Their status would change to lead afterwards. A little while later the leads automatically receive an email that provides them more related content in the course of several days or weeks.

Marketing Automation _ HubSpot Workflows

Now Peggy comes to the office after a few weeks and she notices that 100 visitor have viewed their blog, 20 have downloaded their content, and received an email and 10 of them interacted with their content on the email, later 3 of them have checked the pricing page on their website. So Peggy notifies Don Draper to pick up the phone and call those leads and try to propose their offering. Having the same automated workflow in place, Peggy can focus on content that would drive people to their site and Don can focus on making targeted calls to interested prospects.

Benefits are countless but these are the highlights:

  • Reach more people with the magic of internet, reach them where they are at the right moment.
  • Worry about the lead nurturing process only once and focus on what matters the most for your site visitors, which is informative content.
  • Not everyone who comes to your website is a customer, so automating the process of qualifying them puts you a step ahead, and you focus on the segment that matters.
  • Even in the case where you have hundreds of thousands of visits and thousands of leads and only 1 sales person, you can automate the process to send emails to the qualified leads and try to close the ones who show interest as customers.
giphy (1).gif

Nevertheless, there is more to the story than Peggy and Don's case. If you are new to digital marketing or you want to brush up and dust off what you already know, we made a free Inbound Marketing Team Starter Pack which contains basic and advanced inbound marketing ebooks, guides, reports and templates; basically hundreds of dollars worth consulting value, all for you. Download now!

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