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HubSpot Marketing Automation: Just like Inception, but real!

Erika Micheletti,

For those who don't  know, Inception is an award-winning 2010 film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Ever since I was little, I've always been curious to know what's happening in the human mind when we dream, and Nolan probably couldn't have made a better movie exploring that concept. But movies aside, you're probably wondering what does Inception have to do with marketing automation.


HubSpot Marketing Automation Spellbook: If Harry Potter was a marketer!

Hossein Moghaddam,

I don't want to brag about my profession, but I would say in Marketing is where the magic happens for a brand! Speaking of magic, those of you who are Harry Potter fans (like me!) remember well that It wasn't only the magic wand that made the wizard able to wield magical power but there were spells and recipes that came with it. By learning great spells normal wizards were able to do astonishing things!


Marketing Automation: What would Don Draper do in 2017?

Hossein Moghaddam,
Marketing has undergone a huge plastic surgery in the recent years. MBA graduates would know marketing as the knowledge of researching the market and segmenting the target, and pushing the offers towards them via design of marketing mix and advertising. This story take me back to 1960s Mad Men (don't get me wrong, the series is pretty recent but the story is an oldie)

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