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Important Digital Marketing KPIs To Report To Your Boss

Dario Di Pietrantonio,

I remember when I was a young and ambitious MBA student that whenever we presented a business plan or a go market strategy for university projects we focused on gimmicks and tricks to improve the coolness of our idea. However one of our professors, who I dearly love, said and I quote:

We are all in the business of making money!

However you can't, at all phases of your business's stage, see only your bank account and determine whether you are on the right track or not. Some marketing strategies will in fact take time to show any returns whatsoever. That being said throughout my experience and learning from other people's experiences I figured the metrics should actually be classified in two groups: Intangible KPIs, which are those number that don't directly interpret to revenue generated, and Tangible KPIs that can be directly tied to a sales order. Let's see what they are:


Digital Marketing KPIs To Track With Your Business Intelligence Tool

Dario Di Pietrantonio,

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If you have digital marketing tools, then it's likely you already gather analytics from them. However, even then, it's not enough.

Even if you use just one primary digital marketing platform that comprehensively covers your digital marketing activities, there are still a few indicators that aren't tracked simply because it doesn't have all the information housed within the platform. 


How IT companies can assess their digital marketing efforts

Dario Di Pietrantonio,

Despite the fact that  it is considered as one of the most innovative and fastest moving sectors, the IT industry is no better than most industries when it comes to digital marketing.

Although its easy to assume that anything "digital" can be easily picked up by companies dealing in technology, there are still many aspects of digital marketing that are sometimes lost from IT firms.

So where can IT consultancies, software houses, system integrators and many others start in the path to improvement? 


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