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  Nov 10, 2016 11:06:07 AM

Extra launched its newly-revamped website on Thursday, Oct. 20 through the HubSpot platform. It's a project which began with the launch of its blog site and finally culminated with the completion of the redesign of its website that resulted in four times more online leads.

The website, designed to be content-rich, has now been optimized for online lead generation and search engine rankings. With the website mounted through the HubSpot, advanced analytics can now be performed giving greater insight. From designing to launching the website took three months.

HubSpot has allowed an IT company to increase lead generation by 4x

Although the website launched very recently, Extra already started a blog site through HubSpot and since then has quadrupled the amount of contacts generated online due to its content-focused strategy. Extra also increased its social media engagement and produced videos in multiple platforms that have garnered thousands of views collectively. With both the website and the blog now synchronized and geared towards lead generation, Extra sees its digital marketing channels as an important part of its strategy in the coming years.

Inbound, HubSpot-Powered

An important factor to the developments of Extra's digital marketing has been HubSpot which is not only a marketing automation platform, but also includes its own Inbound Marketing and Sales Methodology that is designed to appeal to buyers and consumers habits today. The platform itself has proved to be versatile allowing companies to manage and analyze their websites, social media channels and emails as well as automate many common marketing activities.

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With dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing platform and even its own HubSpot Sales platform, HubSpot-powered organizations can keep track of an entire customer's lifecycle from the time they visit their website and past the time that they become customers and start to become "promoters".

Unique Blend of Marketing and Technology

As a trusted consultant, Extra has provided organizations for several years with a unique and blend of marketing and technology services spanning from open source CRMs, to powerful e-commerce platforms, B2B and B2C company portals, to web-based marketing automation platforms. Extra leveraged its IT expertise to provide its clients with the latest in marketing and sales technologies. Through their technological focus, Extra separated itself from the sea of marketing agencies offering their services to the market. 

As a HubSpot partner agency, Extra is poised to provide companies with marketing and sales consultancy designed for today's tech-savvy, information age marketplace. Extra's Marketing and Sales specialist team, aside from holding multiple HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Design certifications, also hold relevant advanced degrees (including MBA, computer science PhD, film production) and diverse but complementary professional experiences (spanning professional filmmaking, sales, journalism and IT). This allows Extra's team to provide marketing and sales consultancy covering marketing automation technology, social media and digital and content marketing.

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