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By Extra
  Jun 28, 2013 2:20:31 PM

28 Giu. 2013 - The first important project based on Openbravo for Retail was developed for an important and multinational food Company: Conserve Italia.

Extra deployed Openbravo for Retail for managing the points of sale (POS) located into the plants of Conserve Italia dedicated to direct sales of products.

The Conserve Italia Group is leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods; it was founded about 30 years ago and during his history succeeded to operate in many European countries such France, UK, Spain and Germany; in this period Conserve Italia has been reaching the summit of the sector, in terms of turnover, volumes and quality of the products.

Nowadays Conserve Italia is the main Italian preserved foods industry, with over than 1 billion of euros of turnover (2012 balance) and over 3.000 employees.

The brands sold are well known over all Europe: Valfrutta, Yoga, Derby Blue, Cirio, De Rica, Juver, St Mamet, Jolly Colombani; in addition to these, Conserve Italia produces Private labels for the Large Scale Retail Trade and raw products sold to other manufacturers.

The Openbravo for Retail platform is distributed over 12 Points of Sale of Conserve Italia, both in Italy and in other countries, and allows the direct sale at "0 miles" of the products, both to the employees and to other external customers.

The deploy of Openbravo for Retail is enriched from the integration with SAP, the existing ERP of the customer, made in collaboration with our partner Peer Network, one of the oldest suppliers of Conserve Italia.

This integration synchronizes is a two way direction the information of both platforms: products master data, sales, stocks, warehouses movements, etc.

Thanks to the adoption of Openbravo for Retail, Conserve Italia was able to extend the features of the existing systems, without any significant impact.

The great simplicity of installation and configuration allows to fully equip a store in a few hours; moreover, the easy to use interface allows the operators to start immediately selling without much effort in training.

In addition, the centralized architecture lets to fully manage the shops activities, the scalability on further outlets and permits to Customer a real time analysis of sales data.

For more details, refer to the related page on the web site of Openbravo.

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