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  Jul 25, 2017 5:48:30 PM


Extra Group, through its subsidiary Extra Vision, has reinforced its role as a retail software provider when Capterra released its latest Top 20 Most Popular Retail Management Software and two of its retail software were included in the list.

Both NetSuite and Openbravo Commerce Suite, which are offered as retail solutions by Extra Vision, were included in the list on the 6th and 20th places, respectively. Capterra defines Retail Management Software as solutions that can help you manage everything at your store from inventory to customer information to point-of-sale. Those included in the list measured by number of customers, number of users, and social presence. 

The Capterra Market Score, which was the basis for the ranking of the solutions on the list, is based on a 100-point scale and is composed of three parts: 40% from the total number of customers, 40 from the total number of users and 20% from the social score including Capterra reviews and social media followers.


NetSuite's place in the list was secured through 40,000 customers, 200,000 users, scores of reviews and more than half a million combined social media likes and followers earning it a Capterra Market Score of 65. NetSuite's ranking on the list was particularly impressive as it comes as the most comprehensive solution out of the entire list that's dominated primarily by more focused point-of-sale systems. 

As a business suite, NetSuite doesn't just cover retail store management but also e-commerce, ERP, CRM, supply chain management and even manufacturing. NetSuite comes as the strongest Cloud-based and comprehensive business suite in the list.

Openbravo Commerce Suite's 20th place  was achieved through 450 customers, 18,000 users, and more than 10,000 combined social media likes and followers. Openbravo was the sole open source platform on the list making it the most popular open source retail platform.

Openbravo draws on the unique advantages brought by its open source technology such as unparalleled flexibility, cost effective customizations and strong community and enterprise support which were all cited by the reviews.


Extra Vision on a quest to modernize retail

Extra Vision has been actively promoting retail solutions in an effort to bring more efficiency and modernization to retail companies and help companies discover and benefit from open source and Cloud-based software.

Extra Group, the ICT company which estabilished Extra Vision, from the beginning has always experimented with and offered the most innovative solutions to organizations. 

Most recently, Extra Vision recently participated in the exclusive Richmond Retail Business Forum where they presented both NetSuite and Openbravo Commerce Suite to some of the top retail companies in Italy. They've also developed Italian localizations for both platforms, thereby contributing to the popularization of the two platforms in Italy. Another subsidiary of Extra Group, Extra Smart, provides Business Intelligence solutions and services to retail companies.

As a NetSuite Partner (NetSuite Solution Provider) and Openbravo Gold Partner, Extra Vision expects to continue on its mission of promoting NetSuite and Openbravo to the retail industry. 

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