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  Sep 4, 2017 9:46:09 AM

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HubSpot, as one of the leading innovative global marketing technology companies, has recently strengthened its machine learning capabilities after it acquired Kemvi.

The recently-acquired startup specializes in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It's known for its product, DeepGraph which uses machine reading to keep updated with prospects which can be helpful in building personalized messages that are relevant to each individual prospect's current context.

In a global market that's headed more towards hyper-personalization to win customers, tools such as Kemvi's DeepGraph will undoubtedly play a greater role in the months and years to come. Meanwhile, HubSpot's acquisition can mean a lot of good things to come for HubSpot users.

State of AI at HubSpot

Already, HubSpot dabbles in Artificial Intelligence. The Content Strategy tool uses machine learning to understand the themes that search engines associate your content with. You’ll see useful topic suggestions, and detailed metrics like competitiveness and relevancy that help you hone your SEO strategy in on the right content areas. 

Also, using machine learning, HubSpot's Predictive Lead Scoring builds a custom model and scores every contact in your database, telling you who is most likely to buy. Because it’s already connected to dozens of sources like your CRM, website, emails, and social accounts, it requires no setup, and is more accurate than even the very best standalone scoring systems.

HubSpot also actively enriches contact information aside from the information that you have collected. Everything in HubSpot is synced to the contact timeline, making it the central source of information about all of your prospects and customers. This includes dozens of useful details about a contact and their company. These can then be used for predictive lead scoring, personalization, and by your sales team.

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What this means for HubSpot Users

HubSpot said that with the acquisition of Kemvi, the company behind DeepGraph, they are committed to continuing their mission of transforming the way businesses market and sell. By infusing more data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into the core foundation of their software, Hubspot promises to help more companies master their inbound strategy at scale.

HubSpot Chief Strategy Officer Bradford Coffey, in his blog said, "At HubSpot our sales team spends an amazing amount of time developing an understanding of the companies they’re working with. Importantly, they’re searching for moments of change within an organization where they can engage and provide helpful advice. We call these trigger events. Over time reps have all developed their own approaches to identifying these events for their prospects — monitoring job changes at the company, devouring news articles, and even staying on top of government filings. This is something that takes an enormous amount of time and can be more efficiently done using machine learning. It’s how Kemvi’s technology can help HubSpot and the companies we work with deliver a more personalized, helpful, sales process."

He added that as part of HubSpot, they’ll view Kemvi’s technology through an inbound lens and focus on making the sales process better for the buyer and sales rep alike. "We’ll be incorporating the DeepGraph technology into the HubSpot CRM, enabling these remarkable, helpful, interactions for all our users. More broadly, this acquisition will bring machine learning functionality, skill and insight to all of HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools — so HubSpot and our engineering team can create some magic," Coffey said. 

Extra Magnet, as a technology-oriented HubSpot Partner that's focused on HubSpot integration, expects the addition of Kemvi's technology and expertise to be greatly beneficial to its HubSpot customers particularly in their efforts to balance personalization with the increasing number of leads and prospects that they generate. 

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