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  Nov 6, 2017 5:38:32 PM

Intelligent Warehouse Management Through Openbravo's New Module

Openbravo just boosted its warehouse management capabilities with the launch the much awaited Openbravo Advanced Warehouse and Inventory Management (AWO) module.

The new addition is now commercially available and is expected to provide retailers with better supply chain management. The module allows businesses to pursue operational excellence across warehousing workflows and optimize working capital to deliver their omnichannel strategies seamlessly.

Whether its staff utilization, physical space or stock levels, AWO allows retailers to optimize everything related to warehouse management and operations. What allows AWO's broad capabilities and intelligent warehouse and inventory management are pre-configured rules and algorithms, allowing Openbravo to deliver agile task execution

Here are some of its key features:

Warehouse Organization

  • Warehouse space is mapped with the configuration of internal routing areas, storage areas and bin groups
  • Internal travel sequences are used to ensure optimized task execution
  • Warehouse algorithms used to optimize put-away activities
  • Support for chaotic bin systems

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse algorithms (based on travel sequences, popularity codes and other warehouse and inventory parameters) are used to streamline picking and putaway processes
  • You can configure automated quality inspection tasks for selected products that require special control
  • Cross-docking is used to reduce material handling and warehouse storage time
  • Real-time inventory status visibility even at bin level.
  • Support for multiple physical inventory procedures

Mobile Task Management

  • Support multiple warehouse activities with the definition of different task types
  • Optimize tasks execution with the definition of dynamic priorities
  • Ensured uninterrupted warehouse operations in case of connectivity loss with resilient mobile technology in offline mode

Kit Processing

  • Setup kits quickly in the inventory
  • Accurate inventory with automatically discounted quantities when preparing kits

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