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  May 29, 2017 12:21:32 PM

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Pentaho recently unveiled its Pentaho Business Analytics 7.1 which now includes Spark support for data integration, Big Data processing adaptive execution on any engine, enterprise-level security for Hortonworks, improved in-line visualizations and Microsoft Azure HDInsight expanded Cloud integration.

While other vendors require users to create Spark-specific data integration logic, often requiring advanced Java programming skills, at a time when developer talent shortages are a reality, with Pentaho 7.1, Pentaho now supports Spark with virtually all of its data integration steps in a visual drag-and-drop environment, and provides the freedom to choose an execution engine at run-time.

Through adaptive execution, Pentaho 7.1 makes Big Data developers twice more productive. Although this release starts with Spark support, the architecture actually sets the stage for users to execute on the engine for any given data workload in the future, insulating customers from emerging technologies.

Pentaho 7.1 also takes into account the growing momentum of enterprise Cloud adoption with the need for flexible on-premises deployment and processing, particularly in Big Data and IoT environments that use machine learning and AI. Building on current Cloud support for Amazon EMR, Pentaho 7.1 now supports Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Server. This offers more options to store and process Big Data in hybrid, on premises, and public cloud environments.

With the recent release, Pentaho also addresses the ongoing concerns over the lack of comprehensive security and authentication for Big Data environments. As a player in Big Data governance, Pentaho 7.1 builds on top of its existing enterprise-level security for Cloudera by adding similar security for Hortonworks with Kerberos Impersonation support to protect clusters from intrusion.

Pentaho 7.1 also adds Apache Ranger support for authorizations and role-based access to specific data sets and applications for Hortonworks deployments. This ensures business access rules are enforced across Hadoop data and components and extends security support to protect vital customer resources and reduces risk.  Providing similar enterprise-level security for both Cloudera and Hortonworks also gives Pentaho customers more options.

Expect even more access to visualizations during data prep now in the new Pentaho 7.1 as it now allows users to spot check data for quality issues and prototype analytic data at every stage of the data pipeline, without switching in and out of tools or waiting until the very end to find data quality problems.

Users can now interact with heat grids, geo maps, and sunbursts, while drilling-down closer into data sets for further exploration. It makes use of an easy to use and flexible API with full documentation to bring in visualizations from third party libraries such as D3 or FusionCharts, making third party visualizations reusable across the entire Pentaho platform.

Extra, as a keen supplier of the latest and most innovative best-of-breed technologies, offers Business Intelligence services using Pentaho throughout Italy for both public and private sector clients from bringing more transparency to government works to providing a monitoring system for the utilization of a global company's IT assets.

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