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SIA increases processing speed and reduces costs using Red Hat JBoss Fuse Middleware

Customer Success Story

The Challenge

Design and implementation of a pre-billing system on Open Source technologies while training their IT team on the subject to gain innovative and methodological competences in the IT sector. 

Who it was before:

  • A series of outdated systems and often not integrated
  • Difficulties in development of new features due to lack of common language used by various systems, analysts and business users
  • Challenges in putting in place advanced functions since the technology in place was limiting

SIA S.p.A.

Caso di successo SIA: come modernizzare le proprie applicazioni con Red Hat JBoss Fuse e JBPM

About SIA

SIA is the leading European financial institute in design, implementation and management of financial technology services, offering services to enterprises and the government, in areas such as payments, e-money, network services and capital markets, 

In the 80s, SIA automated the inter bank payment systems in Italy leveraging on the emergence of ATM and POS systems.

Currently SIA provides services in over 40 countries and in 2015 alone, has managed the clearing of nearly 10 billion transactions, with a turnover of approximately 450 million euros and employs over 1600 people in the group level.

The Solutions

SIA decided to evolve their systems and architecture using innovative Open Source technologies including:
  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse, for collecting and historicizing of transactional information and application interoperability
  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, for managing the business rules through JBoss BRMS (Business Rules Management System) and related workflows through BPM (Business Process Management)
  • A web-application based on Red Hat JBoss EAP for handling and versioning the rules
  • PostgreSQL, as the most reliable Advanced Open Source RDBMS to manage the database

Project Description



Here is the situation before implementation of the project:

  • Applications were managed through the mainframe
  • Rules were embedded in the code
  • Rules management was reliant on the developer
  • There was a low level of integration between the services in SIA 
  • The pre-billing and business intelligence worked on different databases
  • There was no authorization process in place 
  • There was no simulation environment to test the initiative before going live

Therefore the challenge was to manage data collection from different sources, additionally the complexity of the architecture imposed difficulties on computer systems and the activities of the analysts. 

Consequently, SIA decided to use Open Source solutions that were:
  • Stable, field proven, scalable, secured and together with excellent support from the provider
  • Integrated well with each other

SIA therefore, needed to pick qualified technology partners both in terms of managing and deploying the project as well as the support on software and platforms, that they chose, respectively, Extra and Red Hat. 

The project consisted of design and implementation of an integrated architecture, unifying pre-billing extentions of various products into a single environment, while collecting data from different sources. This was done using Red Hat Jboss Fuse, providing an administrative level, through which, inserting the business rules was made possible. As a result it facilitated the calculation of amounts to be invoiced to each party involved, while giving the possibility of simulating the inserted rules before making them public for the system to use. At this stage the BRMS system was put in place that acts both as a rules engine and a repository,

Specifically, through JBoss BPM Suite, a continues rules release process was implemented together with an authorization procedure at the end of the simulation phase that would send the new business rules from the simulation environment to production. 

Prebilling SIA architecture

The Results:

Throughout the project SIA obtained:

  • A simulation system
  • The possibility of managing rules centrally
  • A platform for versioning the rules
  • The possibility of releasing the rules in production phase
  • An architecture in which their systems were integrated, 
  • the ability to develop through different platforms.

As for tangible results we can mentions:

  • Improving efficiency and reducing costs,  since the staff in charge of managing complex business rules were now assigned to more productive tasks
  • Reducing the time taken for definition of data flows in the pre-billing process
  • Obtain an integrated pre-billing application  with all other systems and procedures

Aside from the quantifiable results of the project in terms of time and money, we need to underline the strategic value of the project for SIA, from which we can mention the possibility of scaling up in the future leveraging on the newly trained team of internal specialists, while relying on always up to date and innovative products and platforms offered by Red Hat. This has further strengthened the relation between Extra and SIA where Extra would continue on supporting SIA in maintaining the quality and efficiency on the project while having one eye on possibilities of further technological evolution. 


Emanuele Montrasi - SIA

“SIA is undergoing a major shift from legacy technology to open source, but we are meeting this challenge head-on thanks to Red Hat solutions and Red Hat Advanced Business Partner, Extra S.r.l.“

Emanuele Montrasi
Operations Solutions Development
SIA S.p.A.