We accelerate the Time-to-market for your applications through DevOps

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We integrate your application systems with Middleware

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We modernize your application development processes with AMM

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We help you move to the Cloud

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We provide you with the best Big Data Analytics tools

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Our tools

Extra Red | Products | Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat Openshift 4: the Kubernetes platform for your projects

Red Hat OpenShift is a container platform for Kubernetes that helps you automating, managing and scaling your applications. It will allow you focus exclusively on writing the code for your project.

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Extra Red | Products | InfluxDB

InfluxDB Time Series Database: seize new business opportunities in real time

InfluxDB is a high-performance open source Time Series Database with a SQL-like query language, called InfluxQL. It has been designed to handle high write and query loads. It will help you manage huge amounts of time-stamped information, giving you all the tools for your analysis needs, in real-time.

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Extra Red | Products | InfluxDB
Extra Red | Products | Red Cloud

Red Cloud, a tailor-made Cloud solution for Italian SMEs

Red Cloud provides computing resources and cloud services that help organizations to disengage themselves from creating and maintaining devlopment environment and focus on what matters.

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Iotsnap, the IoT platform that adapts to every context

Iotsnap is a suite of market-leader open source enterprise-grade technologies that answers the needs underlying any IoT project: real time data analysis, time series data analysis, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Research and development projects

regional projects, current projects

AI /Fire

AI /Fire is the project for the creation of an integrated platform for wildfire sensing, able to collect and process real-time data for monitoring and fight forest fires.

european projects, ongoing projects, regional projects


WineSens project aims at creating a monitoring and control system for the winemaking process, in line with the paradigms of Industry 4.0.

european projects, ongoing projects


DigiPrime aims at creating a digital Manufacturing Platform for connected Smart Factories to have a new concept of Circular Economy.

Our partnerships