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The company

Our history

Our goal, in Extra Red, is to help customers in the path of digital transformation. This is done through state-of-the-art technology products, focusing on our expertise. What differentiates our offer is knowing how to adapt to customer needs exactly as it fits our technology. We can therefore cover all areas such as public administration, finance, telecommunications and other private sector industries.

Extra Red is Red Hat Advanced Business Partner. Red Hat is, the world's leading provider of Open Source solutions that adopt a community-based approach to deliver reliable and high performance technologies.


Extra Gens | Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

Over the last four years, there have been a lot of collaborations with Red Hat, all based on the common goal of growing. It was not just about re-selling subscriptions, but there have been many experimental ways of collaborating both commercial and experimental.  

Our successful elements

There are several elements that have contributed to this success story. First of all, the compatibility and quality of the people who, in Extra and in Red Hat, managed the partnership while respecting the roles and responsibilities of each other. Another important success factor has been to enable us to grow our team's skills by participating in various projects, masterclasses and training activities on products that have, in recent years, enriched Red Hat's portfolio. After transforming from Java developers to application integration specialists, we can now count on experience and knowledge on Cloud and Iaas, DevOps and PaaS, BPM and rule engine management in Extra Red.

Our vision

Extra Red | Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

In Extra Red we believe that a company's success stems from its ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes. While the essence of our vision is agility, we believe this is more effective when we can integrate both business culture and technological evolution. From here, we can derive what we call "true business agility", where agility is ingrained in a company’s culture.


Red Hat Advanced Business Partner 

We have 6 Red Hat certifications and 20 accreditations.

Growing number of projects

More than 30 projects supplied in 14 European and non-European countries.

Consultancy, training and projects

We offer Middleware, Cloud, DevOps and IoT services.

Our dream team

  • Serena Cortopassi

    Since I joined Extra two years ago, the company has grown a lot, and I grew up with it, as it supported me in my training. In my role, they are constant and unexpected new challenges. To be able to overcome them, even with the help of my colleagues, is very gratifying. We spend most of the week in the office and I can say that we have found a second home among these four walls.

    Serena Cortopassi, System Administrator at Extra Red

  • Laura Pisano

    When I think of Extra, I think of its talent, youth, speed. These are represented in the people who are part of the team and proudly represent each of their own uniqueness. Extra is comprised of talented people, each showing their own technical and personal value, and benefit whatever activity they undertake. Through all of this, I have been able to grow my professional experience, and technical and interpersonal skills continuously, without ever losing sight of the market and how it has developed; After all, in Extra you're always kept up to date with the latest developments

    Laura Pisano, Techincal Sales Manager at Extra Red

  • Davide Costanza

    I'm reminded of a character of an 80s TV series. He always said, "I can do that too" or "I can do it better." This represents the spirit of the guys who work in Extra. I've had the privilege of being a part of and leading its teams through challenges that at first seemed too great for us. I am always amazed at the fact that even if we reach our targets, there is always someone in the team who can raise the bar even higher, and this happens throughout whether they're analysts or developers, or software architects. The best part of it is when you realize that yesterday's peak of excellence has already become the custom of today ... THIS IS EXTRA!

    Davide Costanza, CTO at Extra Red

  • Giuseppe De Marco

    In my 20 years in IT, I've been in Extra for several years and it've made it a custom to invite partners, prospects and clients to our Pontedera offices. I do it because it is a direct and easy way to understand what we are or how we work. And it works much better than a thousand words. Come visit us, Extra is Open, always!

    Giuseppe De Marco, General Manager at Extra Red

  • Luigi De Masi

    Sono entrato a far parte della, allora piccola, famiglia di Extra nel 2008. Da una realtà locale è riuscita a farsi conoscere a livello nazionale e internazionale grazie alla passione  e alla cultura del lavoro che ha creato al suo interno. La mia crescita personale e professionale in questi anni è stata costantemente stimolata e alimentata da progetti importanti o da esperienze all'estero che mi hanno permesso di superare alcuni miei limiti, aperto la mente a nuovi modi di pensare e fatto visitare città meravigliose.

    Luigi De Masi, Software Development Manager at Extra Red

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