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Red Hat JBoss Fuse

The system integration solution that contains the best Open Source projects packed within an integration suite to help you integrate any application with another.


The System Integration Solution

Red Hat Jboss Fuse from Extra Red

JBoss Fuse is a robust, flexible and easy-to-use platform that allows fast integration throughout the enterprise, whether on-premise or in Cloud. The platform includes modular integration capabilities, including an innovative Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), for a streamlined flow of information. 

JBoss Fuse is an effective, low-consuming, adaptive, and a fast tool for integrating applications, data, and devices within your business to achieve digital transformation. By integrating your management systems, you can be sure your IT system is efficient, coordinated, and operate on an uninterrupted flow of consistent data. JBoss Fuse is ideal for businesses that value their business models and would like to fit the technology to their needs.



Here are some of the benefits of integration with JBoss Fuse, a light and flexible platform for rapid integration across the enterprise: 

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are developed faster using specific tools.

  • High-speed integration solutions are created through the use of Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and various plugins natively included in Apache Camel.

  • Development, testing, collaboration, debugging and releases are made easier with the help of a dedicated platform.

  • Easily to put together apps, legacy systems, data, API, and SaaS, using over 150 standard connectors already included

  • Convert data from different sources using the graphical tools and transformers included in Apache Camel.

  • Connect legacy services, on-premise apps, SaaS apps, APIs, and data using the standard connectivity provided by the more than 150 connectors included.


Universal connectivity

You can link all the assets of the organization using consistent, efficient and automated solutions.



Easy developement

Develop intuitive and rapid integration services, including visual debugging for better quality.


Open Hybrid Cloud

Development and management within all major Cloud environments, server control tools, and debugging and maintenance services.



Wide range of actions

Messaging, transformations, Internet-of-Things (IoT) integration, different options for runtime environments (based on Java™ EE or OSGI), by integrating applications and data.


Open Source technology at competitive costs

You can try it before buying and then use it at a much lower cost than traditional solutions.


Everything integrated, everywhere

The lightweight, modular, and flexible architecture of Red Hat JBoss Fuse facilitates integration into different levels and contexts such as devices, freight forwarders, stores, warehouses and traditional data centers.

The Fantastic Four of Integration

Red Hat JBoss Fuse from Extra Red

The platform is a robust, flexible and easy-to-use platform to integrate applications, data, services, and devices. The integration platform uses the most commonly used Open Source technologies to provide processing, routing, and protocol-to-protocol services. JBoss Fuse is actually made up of four of the most powerful Open Source components, each of which is the best choice in their own domain: integration, messaging, cloud integration and OSGi.


This results in a product that enables fast and reliable messaging, packet-level and Cloud modularity, and supports over 200 data connectors and data formats.


Integration from Extra through Red Hat tools

With Red Hat JBoss Fuse, you can count on the most innovative integration technologies, including Maven distributed database software, optimized and made available by Red Hat, one of the most successful IT companies in the world. Some of the main features:

  • Full support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • High reliability integration

  • Simple replication of instances on remote machines

  • Light and powerful web interface (Hawtio)

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Red Hat JBoss Fuse Suite - ESB (and much more), for connecting business applications

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