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Red Hat OpenShift

The Cloud PaaS (platform-as-a-service) that provides you with an application development platform


OpenShift: the Red Hat cloud application development platform

Red Hat OpenShift from Extra Red


OpenShift is a Cloud Paas that provides a cloud application development platform for automating hosting, configuration, deployment, and administration of application stacks in a flexible cloud environment. It provides application developers with self-service access to deploy applications easily on-demand.

Openshift is ideal for developing, deploying, and distributing your cloud applications. It’s beneficial to have a container application platform that introduces Docker and Kubernetes in a business environment.


The benefits of OpenShift


There are many benefits that OpenShift can bring to your business such as:

  • Open Source: With native Docker and Kubernetes integrations, users have the freedom of Open Source without the technological limitations or the business development plan imposed by a specific vendor.

  • Provisioning self-service: Developers can quickly and easily create on-demand applications directly from the most used tools, while at the same time allowing operational teams to maintain complete control of the environment.

  • Supported Languages: Developers can easily run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform.

  • User Interfaces: Developers have direct access to a wealth of command line tools, a dynamic multi-device web console, and built-in Eclipse-based development environments such as Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

  • Integrated management: By direct implementation of Red Hat CloudForms in the product, in addition to the single container, users can also view the entire infrastructure in real time.



Simplified and automated creation, deployment, scalability and application integrity management are some of the standard features found in the OpenShift Container Platform.





Users can easily access different resources directly from the platform to manage project and initiative programming.



Applications run on OpenShift are easily scalable up to hundreds of instances within thousands of nodes. Auto repair can be done in a few seconds.


Robust ecosystem

By collaborating with our ever expanding partner community, users can utilize various types of persistent storage in addition to network connectivity.


Container portability

Development around the standard Red Hat Container Model Application Platform for Docker. Applications created on OpenShift can be run wherever Docker formatted containers are supported.


Cloud types

Users can run applications on physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Enterprise version of Kubernetes, Docker and other solutions

Red Hat OpenShift from Extra Red


Kubernetes, or k8s (or "kube" in short), is an Open Source platform that automates operations on Linux containers, eliminating many of the manual processes required to deploy and scale containerized applications.

For companies that use containers, the reasons for choosing Kubernetes can be summarized with a single term: orchestration. Orchestration allows you to interact with entire container groups simultaneously, plan and implement a container register, as well as provide network, storage, security, and telemetry services.

Docker IT software, on the other hand, is a containerization technology that allows you to create and use Linux containers. Docker lets you handle containers as extremely lightweight modular virtual machines. Additionally, you can create, install, copy and move containers from one environment to another in an extremely flexible way.


Application platform for containers: the secret of success


Because of Red Hat, OpenShift, Docker and Kubernetes have been introduced to businesses. OpenShift integrates the architecture, processes, platforms, and services required for operational and development teams, and speeds up and simplifies the creation, development and deployment activities of virtually any infrastructure, public or private.

The secret for a long-term success of innovation and growth lies in container storage platforms and the ability to accommodate the DevOps methodology to accelerate deployment of applications in hybrid cloud environments. With Red Hat OpenShift all this is possible on-premise, hosting or a public cloud.

Want more information? Contact us and one of our representatives will reach out to you to discuss how OpenShift can help your organization specifically.

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