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InfluxDB is a high-performance open source Time Series Database with a SQL-like query language, called InfluxQL. It has been designed to handle high write and query loads and is part of the TICK Stack, a set of open source projects which will help you manage huge amounts of time-stamped information, giving you all the tools for your analysis needs, in real-time.

Today DevOps monitoring has to deal with emerging trends such as microservices, containerization, software-defined networking and hybrid clouds. InfluxDB gives you the possibility to control both private and public infrastructures (Saas, PaaS, etc.), apps and database instances. You will also be able to monitor and analyze stats and reports in real-time and identify problems and issues before they interrupt your business continuity.

Built for Devs, trusted by Ops and essential to business

Built for developers

InfluxDB is made for developers: is easy to start and scale and is optimized to drastically decrease your time-to-market. Users can count on a great experience thanks to proactive monitoring and never miss an issue in your applications and infrastructures.

Trusted by operations

Ops can count on InfluxDB for their monitoring needs on time series data, and will be able to work with responsive and performant networks, even with highly distributed resources.

Vital to business

In today’s fast-pacing world, acting in real time is more important than ever. InfluxDB will allow you to analyze untapped data from your assets and seize the important insights you need to act immediately.

Platform Overview

Extra Red: the only Italian Consulting Partner for InfluxDB

Why choose Extra Red and InfluxDB for your business?

  1. We are the only Italian consulting partners of InfluxDB
  2. You will be supported with a team of experts specialized in IoT technologies for data collection and manipulation, in order to help you transform your manufacturing processes
  3. We are supported by Extra Group, System Integrator since 2006, and we can help you integrate also other components to your IT architecture and expand your technological competences with ERP Softwares, CRM IoT, Digital Marketing, Web Portals and much more

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