Red Hat Openshift 4: a Kubernetes platform for your projects

Extra Red OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes platform for the automation of the management and scaling of applications. Switch your focus on your project and let OpenShift automate the rest for you.

Businesses who want to innovate and deliver better services to their clients have to deal with the challenge of deploying at a scale. Red Hat OpenShift 4 is able to provide self-service environments for the entire app’s lifecycle: this way, devs have a solid basis for their code.

Today’s apps need resources coming from different infrastructures, and that is why OpenShift 4 has centralized management available, together with visualization tools for both cloud and on-premises tasks. OpenShift brings DevOps to life, letting IT spending less time on system maintenance and more time coding important services.

Containers, microservices and hybrid infrastructures

A container platform for every kind of infrastructure

You will be able to build and deploy container-based applications both on cloud and on-premise, and of course manage them. You can host your clusters on the following: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Red Cloud.

Drastically reduce your Time-To-Market through agile automation

Red Hat OpenShift allows dev teams to build with speed and choice thanks to multiple environments and continuous integration. You can code in production mode anywhere and focus on what really matters.

Red Hat and Kubernetes together for a powerful and trusted platform

Red Hat OpenShift’s safety and security are available on every stack and throughout the entire application lifecycle. The platform includes long-term enterprise support from a renowned Kubernetes’ partner and one of the most famous open source software company.

Platform overview

Extra Red is a trusted partner for those who want to innovate with OpenShift

Extra Red OpenShift

Why does Extra Red lead you to a better experience with Red Hat Openshift?

  • We are Advanced Business Partners of Red Hat, and together we have worked on tens of thousands of hours of projects in over 14 countries in the world
  • You will be supported with a team of experts that are certified on Red Hat product family and are seasoned on implementing various business processes with Openshift
  • We are supported by Extra Group, System Integrator since 2006, and we can help you integrate also other components to your IT architecture and expand your technological competences with ERP Softwares, CRM IoT, Digital Marketing, Web Portals and much more

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