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Extra Red's research and development projects

Discover our research and development projects, in cooperation with national and European organizations.

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AI /Fire

AI /Fire is the project for the creation of an integrated platform for wildfire sensing, able to collect and process real-time data for monitoring and fight forest fires.

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WineSens project aims at creating a monitoring and control system for the winemaking process, in line with the paradigms of Industry 4.0.

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DigiPrime aims at creating a digital Manufacturing Platform for connected Smart Factories to have a new concept of Circular Economy.

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Lethe is a personalized prediction and intervention model for early detection and reduction of risk factors causing dementia, based on AI and distributed Machine Learning.

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Pribos is a software platform for the prevention of forest fire and the management of emergency operations in geologically hazardous areas.

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Ubicare is a digital health platform that allows to detect signs of deterioration in hospital patients or home-monitored patients in real-time.