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Open Call for expert evaluators for DigiPrime in 2022

Extra Red is looking for expert evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from the two DigiPrime Open Calls.

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  • Call for tender: H2020-DT-2019-1, DigiPrime has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 873111
  • Domain: Circular economy
  • Duration: 48 months, 2020-2024
  • Website:

DigiPrime aims at creating a digital Manufacturing Platform for connected Smart Factories to have a new concept of Circular Economy, overcoming the current information asymmetry among value-chain stakeholders, in order to unlock new circular business models based on the data-enhanced recovery and re-use of functions and materials from high value-added and post-use products with a cross-sectorial approach.

DigiPrime will create and operate a federated model of digital platforms for cross-sector business in the Circular Economy, for many different domains. Nodes of the federation will offer interoperable functions and data, that can be accessed by other nodes, combined with local data and services, connectors and open interfaces will enable easy integration of new services, provided by third parties, that are not made accessible outside.

Specific attention will be devoted to creating trustable data sharing mechanisms, preserving the confidentiality of business-critical data. Security and sovereignty of information will be guaranteed by smart contracts and tracked through block-chain.

The main features of the platform can be grouped into the following services:

  • Value chain-oriented, linked to the product life cycle (product information management, product co-creation, LCA-LCC for eco-design, identification of logistic barriers, legislative support).
  • Operational vertical services, specific to the sector (monitoring of supply and demand, planning and control of production, testing and certification of materials).

A digital platform for the Smart Industry


An international consortium of renowned partners

The project involves 35 partners from different European countries, among these various industrial companies belonging to 5 different domains on circular entities such as: batteries, automotive sector, textile, industrial polymers, circular hubs for new ideas of Value Chains between European states.

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Extra Red's role in the project

Extra Red will bring to the consortium its industrial expertise in system integration, design, modelling and implementation. The main role of Extra Red will be System Integrator for developed services and tools, defining the model design and implementation of a hybrid cloud architecture based on micro-services.

This activity will pursue a continuous validation of the integration modules and will execute the planned tests to ensure the correct integration of new modules, embracing a DevOps approach. As an industrial partner of the consortium, Extra Red will also contribute to dissemination and exploitation of project results.

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Skills acquired

Improvement in the expertise on Cloud services and tools, operational DevOps to integrate different applications and micro-services on Federation Platform. It integrates and develops an Orchestrator component for cross-sectoral research between the value chain services and the operational services of DigiPrime.

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