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  • Call for Tender: H2020 EU, Lethe has received funding from european Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 101017405
  • Duration: 2021-2024 (48 months)
  • Domain: Healthcare
  • Website: www.lethe-project.eu

Lethe (λήθη) is a personalized prediction and intervention model for early detection and reduction of risk factors causing dementia, based on AI and distributed Machine Learning.

Dementia has long been considered to be neither preventable or treatable, but while the underlying illnesses are not curable, today we know that the disease course might be modifiable with good preventive interventions at an early time point. It will be possible to prevent cognitive decline using a multi-domain intervention among older at-risk individuals.The concept of Lethe is based on the results of the Finger trial and will therefore use state-of-the-art preventive lifestyle concepts and combine this knowledge with new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualized profiling and personalized recommendations, feedback and support.

The main objective of Lethe is the prevention in the whole spectrum of cognitive decline in the elderly population at risk reaching from asymptomatic to subjective or mild cognitive impairment and prodromal Alzheimer Dementia (AD).

To develop dementia prediction models as well as an ICT-based monitoring and intervention system, the main known modifiable risk factors for cogdenitive decline will be targeted. Prediction models will allow Lethe to simulate the short-term and long-term effects of established behavioral interventions as well as simulate potential new interventions of interest. ICT innovations here are a shared a suit of prediction models based on an initial clinical dataset and digital biomarkers (extendable for other features e.g., MRI etc.) as well as a distributed machine learning model and data collection.

Lethe will introduce a new way of interaction by capitalizing on the technology of wearable smart glasses, also known as interactive glasses, that will exploit the exciting and motivational way of projecting on glasses context-aware, timely and personalised notifications for the target group of older people with MCI.

A Mobile app will be used for trials’ participants, for capturing/creation of their anonymised profiles, or generate digital biomarkers which can serve as features for the mentioned dementia and risk factor prediction model.

There will be both Passive collection of behavior data and Active collection of input data in daily interactive dialogues regarding mental health (mood etc.), smoking cessation, subjective parameters.

Big Data Framework will be cleaning, sanitizing (according GDPR compliance) and processing collected data, for later running AI algorithms for Predictive Modelling of cognitive impairment and risk factor development.

Monitoring and prediction models for preventing dementia

Lethe's partners

Partners who partecipated in the project

The Lethe project counts 15 different partners around Europe, including Università di Vienna, Università di Perugia, Finnish Institute for Health, Alzheimer Europe, a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) aiming to make dementia a European priority, and ICT SMEs.

Extra Red's role in Lethe

Extra Red's role in project

Extra Red will bring to the consortium its industrial expertise in system integration, design, modelling and implementation of hybrid cloud architectures based on microservices.

Extra Red will also deliver middleware Open-Source technologies for Cloud Management and Big Data Analytics. It will also support in design of the architecture and will provide state of the art Big Data technology. As an industrial partner of the consortium, will contribute to dissemination and industrial exploitation of results.

Extra Red plans to allocate resources from Red Cloud, as it will allow project partners to benefit from cloud services for the implementation, testing and evaluation of the project Big Data Analytics capabilities.

Extra Red's role in Lethe
Lethe's skills acquired

Skills acquired

Extra Red will be one of the major contributors to the development of the Lethe platform, both in terms of background technologies/knowhow and in terms of the foreground to be generated in the area of Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Technology.

Lethe represents an opportunity to boost the advancement of its Big Data platform, and the related APIs, also enhancing the core analytics capabilities with the AI core Modules of Lethe.

The company views Lethe as an opportunity to acquire higher market shares especially in the Healthcare market: due to the nature of an SME and their customer profile, they intend to integrate resulting technology in product offers and solutions even during the course of the project.

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