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  • Call for tender: POR 2014-2020 Fesr-Fse Calabria - Axis I: Research and innovation promotioån - Specific objective 1.2: National and regional innovation system reinforcement
  • Duration: 2017-2019 (24 months)
  • Domain: Forest fire prevention
  • Website: www.pribos.it

Pribos is a software platform for the prevention of forest fire and the management of emergency operations in geologically hazardous areas. It falls into the scope of Calabria’s regional projects for promoting ICT innovation and improving public health and environmental risks evaluation.

Pribos’ aim is defining a complex system for:

  • Preventing forest fire and planning emergency operations.
  • Real-time emergency forecasting and fighting through the assessment of thermic emissions and smoke dispersion, in order to optimize mitigation interventions and ensure the safety of operators.
  • Proactive management of information to and from the population, to limit the risk factor and losses in human and material terms, thanks to a data integration platform. The information is conveyed between the stakeholders involved of the emergency and the citizenship through a Mobile Application that acts as a real-time transmission of the outcome during the phases of fire extinction and contrast.

The analysis of the consequences of forest fires, the assessment of the expected risk and the design of the procedures necessary to lower it within the levels required by the regulations in force were of fundamental importance. The reduction of human and material damage resulting from the fire event, together with the reduction of emissions of pollutants and CO2, especially related to emissions from vehicles used for emergencies and rural planning services, were also evaluated and taken into consideration.

The development of Pribos has led to the creation of a new product that allows to occupy a market niche that has not been currently covered and that is based on procedural and methodological approaches based on a predictive logic and support to real-time intervention operations.

The platform is mainly composed by the following modules:

  • Emergency Management: real-time simulation of fire development with calculation of heat intensity, direction and spread of smoke, in order to identify the most appropriate operations for fighting the fire, considering the present road network and the available resources for identifying a valid intervention procedure.
  • Early Warning: conveying information from institutions to citizens, both in terms of prevention and emergency management, through WEB platforms and applications for mobile devices.

A platform for the prevention of forest fires


Partners who participated in the project

The project has been realized by the Temporary Grouping of Companies “Progetto Pribos”, composed by Extra Red Srl as project leader and Tea Engineering Srl and STA team Srl as partners. Extra Red has coordinated the activities between the stakeholders, supporting the analysis, design and implementation of the product itself.


Extra Red's role in the project

The main development activities were focused on:

  • Recovery of spatial information from official regional Open Data and the identification of 16 layers for the representation of the entire Calabrian territory. The spatial layers have been translated on geo-referenced raster mappings.
  • Development of the layer of data acquisition from validated weather stations, in correlation with environmental factors of soil and urban centers, to assess a scale of risk and severity of damage. The data have been historicized on a geo-spatial database in combination with the simulation engine of the extinguishing and contrast procedures.
  • Development of a Web App for the generation of predictive simulations and of the Mobile App for the communication between stakeholders involved in the emergency and citizenship in real time.
Pribos and skills aquired by Extra Red

Skills acquired

In addition to the coordination for the project partnership and the management of administrative responsibilities, Extra Red has acquired skills in:

  • Processing and management of geo-referenced data on geo-spatial databases.
  • Conversion of Open Data from vector formats to Raster land.
  • Realization of a Mobile app for the management of real-time communication between stakeholders.
  • Management of intelligent decision engines for the combination of data coming from different factors, such as weather conditions, available law enforcement resources, urban centers, personnel available for firefighting.
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