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  • Call for Tender: POR 2014-2020 – Call 2
  • Domain: Health care and medical monitoring
  • Duration: 2018-2020 (18 months + 6 months extension)
  • Website:

Ubicare (Ubiquitus Integrated Care) is a digital health platform that allows to detect signs of deterioration in hospital patients or home-monitored patients through real-time continuous monitoring of vital signs. The NEWS (National Early Warning Score) has been chosen as the standard clinical protocol. This protocol has been approved by the Region of Tuscany through the DGRT n.10 of 2010 and has been long used in Britain and in the USA.

The system infrastructure is based on the integration between a software and hardware digital health platform and cutting-edge monitoring technologies. Innovation is been enabled through the system's interoperability and modularity, that involves many different stakeholders from the healthcare industry.

The platform is based on a patient-oriented approach: it monitors the ongoing trend of the vital signs and alerts in case threshold are exceeded. Everything is customized around the patient's needs. Modular parts and sensoring applications allow for adapting the device to many different wards and ICU (Intesive Care Units), enabling an effective monitoring of the vital signs variations, supporting clinical decisions and real-time alerting in critical situations.

Ubicare allows research for the creation of a connector for the digital medical record, according to the current regional standard, with the possibility of integrating, updating and consulting historical data about the monitored patients' clinical development.

Such system is able to monitor the patient even in the post-hospitalization phase, thus avoiding re-hospitalization thanks to remote monitoring of the patient's vital signs.

The platform has two main components: 

  • data collection through sensor devices, powered by AB Media Spa.
  • data processing through the middleware platform, powered by Extra Red.

A clinical study has been conducted for hospital validation with a non-invasive measuring system. The experimentation has been approved by the Ethical Commettee for the North-west Area of Tuscany and by the Ministry of Health, it has been conducted in the Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine Operative Unit of the Gabriele Monasterio Tuscany Foundation (CNR Pisa). The clinical study lasted 5 months and has been conducted on 33 patients in sub-intensive care.

A digital platform for the citizens' health

Ubicare's partners

Partners who partecipated in the project

The Ubicare consortium is composed by three  Tuscan indipendent medium-small and medim enterprises: AB Medica Spa, Italian industry leader for the production and distribution of healthcare technologies, Extra Red Srl and BeeApp, a digital agency specialized in tablet and smartphone applications connected through the Internet of Things.

Ubicare and Extra Red

Extra Red's role in the project

Extra Red's role in the project was to create a data collecting system for the vital signs that are acquired directly through the devices, in order to allow for having an almost real-time monitor center that could be used in the wards as a control point.

Data historicization and storage allows for the implementation of an advanced digital medical record that can be easily accessed thanks a PaaS micro-services architecture. Extra Red has developped the middleware communication layer that manages Ubicare's information system.

Ubicare and Extra Red
Extra Red's skills

Skills aquired

Extra Red was able to improve domain competences and explore new undiscovered opportunities thanks to planning and development of an integration layer for the physiological data collection collected from the WinPack module, and thanks to the development of a web application that visualize collected data changes (such as body temperature, SpO2, blood pressure, etc.).

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