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  • Call for tender: the project has received funding from the program POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020, Azione 1.1.5 Sub. A1. Call for tender N. 2 - MSMEs Research and Development Projects
  • Domain: IoT and Industry 4.0 
  • Duration: 2020-2022 (18 months + 6 extension)
  • Website: WineSens project

WineSens project aims at creating a monitoring and control system for the winemaking process, in line with the paradigms of Industry 4.0, with the ultimate goal being the automation of the process itself in order to obtain high quality wines.

The wine industry needs fast and reliable methods for an objective assessment of the quality of grapes and wine in real-time, in order to effectively control all the steps of the winemaking process, which is not only quite complex, but also influenced by many chemical and physical variables, and to act accordingly to the quality and the type of outcome that is desired.

Since traditional analysis techniques require a considerable amount of time, during which the collected data cannot be used for real-time corrective actions, WineSens will integrate wine vessels with IoT sensors that will allow to:

monitor specific parameters, both simultaneously and in real time, in automation with the process equipment, and modify the process itself to achieve the previously set oenological goal;

conduct analysis of the main oeno-chemical characteristics of the product (such as juice, wine and aromas), without sample preparation, replacing, for these parameters, the laboratory analysis.

The analytical hub will consist of electronic and optical sensors, while the hardware will be centralized in a remote facility that will collect the extensive data in a cloud-storage solution. This data will be processed quickly thanks to an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system and the analytical results will be sent back, via cloud and within minutes, to the winery (for modifications during process, in full automation-mode) and/or to the winemaker (for the consultation of the analytical data) to control and manage the winemaking process in the best possible way.

The high flow of data recorded by the sensors will be processed by a software that, by collecting field data about grapes maturation, laboratory analysis and any additional information provided by the winemaker, will allow an active and remote control of the whole process.

The use of the sensor hub and the development of the software will ultimately allow to talk about precision enology, thanks to the potential development of an innovative winery decision support system (DSS - Decision Supporting System) which will support the winemaker during the decide which enological process to undertake for all the production steps up to the final product, all in real time.