Application Modernization & Migration for streamlining software development

Application Modernization and Migration involves the re-engineering and readjustment of software development and management for legacy applications, in order to align them with the company’s needs and objectives.

Today’s context is one of Digital Transformation and the need of continuously keeping up to date with the latest technologies is more important than ever, especially for Software Development companies. More and more businesses are deciding to turn themselves to the expertise of specialized and reliable partners in order to keep following a path of continuous innovation in a coherent way.

Redesign your processes, teams and tools for unrivaled competitiveness

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We support you with the introduction of DevOps

The DevOps methodology allows for the creation of a close feedback loop between Dev and Ops, focusing on the creation of a single team rather than on siloed work teams.

The final objective is to reach delivery in production mode within short time cycles and minimize the negative effects of updates and service interruption to the client.

The implementation of this innovative work methodology that can enable Application Modernization in a constant and sustainable way, requires the intervention of experts and, possibly, of the right tools such as the ones employed by Extra Red: Red Hat’s PaaS solution OpenShift.

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Container and Business Process Automation for your Digital Transformation

What is a container image? A container image is a stand-alone executable package and is significantly lighter than a Virtual Machine. It includes everything you need for running an application: code, runtime, system tool, system libraries and settings.

The adoption of containers allows to reduce conflicts between teams that are running different softwares on the same infrastructure. With the implementation of a DevOps methodology you will be able to put BPA processes into action, create and automate task in a repeatable way in order to create efficient and standardized workflows that promote team collaboration.

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CI/CD, Advanced Deployment and Microservices

In order to further and facilitate your legacy softwares' modernization and migration, we will support you by including in our service:

  • CI/CD Pipelines, i.e. replicable Continuous Integration processes, a coding philosophy and a set of practices that leads developer teams to introduce little and graduated changes in order to frequently verify the code that has been published on the repositories; Continuous Delivery, on the other hand, means automating application deploy on the desidered infrastructural environments
  • Advanced Deployment that will allow you not only to have parallel environments with separate routing for the deployment (Blue-Green Deployment), but also to use two deployment environments that are configured in a different way in order to test user interaction (A/B Testing), or to distribute updates only to small percentages of users and progressively increase the number in a safe way (Canary Deployment)
  • A microservices architecture is designed with a modular architectural approach, that is opposite to a traditional and monolithic architecture. By adopting this philosophy, the single components will be able to have more autonomy even though they are part of a single platform. This translates into benefits for both the developers and the company providing the service
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