The best Big Data Analytics tools at your disposal

Realizing a Big Data Analytics process means exploiting the huge amount of data that today’s companies have at their disposal, the so-called Big Data, in order to identify patterns and hidden information that can help take more reliable and data-driven business decisions.

Today, companies have the urgent need of finding reliable partners and tools, since the amount of data they are provided with could really turn into a gold mine of information, but only if the analysis of this data is realized with the right methodology. Extra red offers all the tools and continuous support for entire cycle of Big Data mining and analysis.

Take better and more informed decisions with the power of Big Data

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We know the importance of Big Data and we will help you with it

Today’s companies have growing amounts of data at their disposal, that can lead to better business performance if used correctly, even in the short run. Big companies have been analysing Big Data for years, obtaining many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: data mining and analysis helps streamlining strategic processes
  • Better product development: data mining lets you take more informed decisions and optimize the development processes
  • Better market insights: Big Data analysis can lead you to a more comprehensive understanding of your target market
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We will manage the entire Big Data Analytics process

The Big Data Analytics services is divided in three different phases:

  1. We start by identifying all the data sources, such as excel files, databases, softwares, web services or else, or even paper sources. This analysis is propaedeutics to the identification of the best technologies to be used for a reliable analysis
  2. On the basis of the data sources we plan the ETL project (Extract, Transform, Load)
  3. The final phase consists in the ETL process, that allows the data to be extracted and store in a single database
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Reach fast results in the short run thanks to our support

How long does a Big Data Analytics service last? The answer is: it depends, because there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, the data source, the resources at disposal and the type of analysis that has to be conducted.

Extra Red can help you develop a Big Data Analytics project in a short period of time and through an agile approach. Once the data has been obtained, Extra Red provides you with the adequate support for the data analysis with graphic and table view of the data, allowing you to interpret them and translate them into actionable decisions for business expansion.

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