The Cloud: the storage of the third millennium

Cloud is a modern technology to store and use data outside of the on-premise data centers and servers. Cloud computing gives users the possibility to access computational resources on demand via internet, benefiting from a pool of remote server infrastructure. In today’s world Cloud is considered an efficient and eco-friendly solution that is adopted by many organizations to replace the underlying internal hardware of their IT infrastructure, their platform or their software, depending on the needs, that makes these resources accessible anytime and anywhere.

Move to the Cloud and revolutionize data management

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We help you on every step of this transformation

A decade of experience and pool of competencies in system engineering allows us to help our clients in every step of the migration to a full or hybrid Cloud environment, being projecting the installation, configuration and infrastructure management. We extend the capacities of our client’s IT departments and help them guarantee a seamless service for their employees and clients using Cloud.

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Our three steps of Cloud adoption

We provide services in three main areas:

  • Physical Architecture: implementation of the physical infrastructure, creating company wide network and workspaces. Increasing and maintaining the physical infrastructure (server, storage, blade), and help desk assistance
  • Virtualization: implementation of the virtual infrastructure, migration to baremetal virtual infrastructure, increasing and maintaining virtual infrastructure, assistance and support in critical situations, developing backup and recovery systems
  • Cloud Services: Provisioning of IaaS instances with Red Hat Openstack platform, PaaS with Red Hat Openshift Container Platform, and SaaS solutions to be provided based on client needs. Migration to baremetal Cloud Infrastructure or virtualization, in addition assistance, back up and recovery
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Grow with Cloud

One of the main advantages of using Cloud infrastructure is its flexibility and scalability. Choosing a Cloud solution gives its users the possibility to have access to an architecture that adapts to the type and the size of the organization without common headaches of physical servers in growing companies. This helps Cloud to be further on a cost-effective solution compared to physical hardware.

This is why Cloud is considered to be an eco-friendly solution since the usage of physical infrastructure is shared between various users and is scaled on demand and if needs be to make sure the resources and used as much as they are needed, which in turn saves on energy consumption.

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