DevOps: speed up your development processes

The demand for innovation is stronger than ever: any company with a development team has to face the need for speeding up the production processes. The entirety of the IT personnel (Devs and Ops first, but also Testers and Analysts) has to deliver in production mode within short time cycles, also minimizing the negative impacts that the updates may cause on the customer who is accessing services online, and avoiding the interruption, even if temporary, of the services at all costs.

DevOps methodology was born to streamline collaboration and communication between developers and operations, in order to let companies drastically reduce their Time-To-Market for applications and services, and at the same time increase their reliability.

Our expertise in DevOps methodology for your IT automation

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We will introduce a methodology that can help your company

We help and support companies that want to innovate their software industrialization processes by adopting DevOps methodologies and redefining their processes by training their staff and introduce supporting technologies.

The first three steps for introducing a DevOps roadmap in our clients’ companies are:

  • Discovery Session: an exploratory meeting that aims to understand if there are any obstacles to the introduction of DevOps in the company and how can we overcome them
  • Assessment: a detailed examination of the modalities, tools and processes of software development
  • Design: a change proposal for the introduction of the DevOps methodology
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We will support you in the automation of pipelines and train you

Automation pipelines based on containers are used in order to streamline and automate development environments and ensure full compliance with Project Governance rules and standards.

The pipelines will, of course, be designed on the basis of your needs and will provide you with the possibility to create platforms and environments useful for building Cloud applications and services (PaaS), based on containers and integrated with CI/CD tools.

We will also provide you with the necessary training for using and managing pipelines and Configuration Management pipelines.

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We will let you switch from monolithic apps to the Cloud with OpenShift

OpenShift is the fundamental platform for the implementation of DevOps methodology and of microservices architectures.

We will install it for you and offer you solutions for monolithic applications reengineering towards microservices architectures and porting services on Cloud-based applications.

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